Transport Office Portal (TOP) Update

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TOP update: OCRS customer reports system available from today

The repairs to the reporting system are complete and OCRS reports are now available.

New features

There are new features we want to make you aware of. Desk based assessments and fleet assessments are now included in OCRS.

This means your score may have changed.

Desk based assessments (DBA)

Desk based Assessments (DBAs), whether satisfactory or unsatisfactory, will now contribute to the OCRS score.

By adding DBAs, we will include more ways in which we interact with you. This will help reduce the volume of operators who are currently in the grey or unknown risk category.

Fleet assessments

Fleet assessments are an essential part of monitoring maintenance regimes and drivers’ hours records. How often we visit your premises depends on your OCRS rating and a DVSA risk assessment.

Visits help us to establish whether your transport management systems enable vehicles to be operated safely and legally.

Adding fleet assessments to the OCRS system allows us to judge how frequently an operator should be assessed.

For more information on desk based and fleet assessments visit GOV.UK.


If you have any questions about changes to the system, user issues or your score please contact our Customer Service Centre

If you have questions about any technical changes to the content of the OCRS report, please contact the Criminal Analysis Unit:

Due to the new features of the OCRS service, the report will take a little longer to be produced and emailed to you. 

We apologise for any inconvenience that the delays to the OCRS system have caused.