Helping motorists to remember their MOTs this year

Checking under car - MOT

Helping motorists to remember their MOTs this year

Over the last month, it’s been great to see garages using the SAFE checks toolkit we shared with you at the start of March.

We’ve spotted lots of the ‘Whatever your essential journey’ graphics being used and shared on social media, particularly through your Facebook pages.

We really hope it’s helped you to encourage motorists to book a service or health check, as they’ve started to use their vehicles more regularly for essential journeys.

MOT exemptions – 1 year on

Today is the anniversary of the first MOT exemptions issued during the pandemic.

Almost 10 million vehicles were given an exemption between 30 March and the end of July last year.

We know that the pandemic and MOT exemptions have had a considerable impact on the industry.

Thank you for your positive response to these challenges; helping your most vulnerable customers, adapting your workshops to keep staff safe and dealing with changes in test volumes after the exemptions ended.

Motorists will need reminders

For motorists, your hard work has paid off. In our latest survey, almost two thirds of motorists said the pandemic had no impact on their MOT experience.

But many motorists will still find it difficult to remember their MOT date this year, because it’s likely to be in a different month. So, we’re going to be promoting our MOT reminder service to motorists on social media over the next few weeks and months.

If you want to promote the MOT reminder service to your customers, please follow us on social media and share and retweet our content on Twitter: @DVSAgovuk and Facebook:

We’re also hoping to get some stories in the media. We want to show motorists why it’s particularly important for them to sign up for a reminder this year, given the millions of exemptions issued.