Changes to the vehicle registration certificate (V5C)

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Changes to the vehicle registration certificate (V5C)

New V5C


From 15 April 2019, we have been issuing a new version of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C).

Following a review in 2016 the V5C has been redesigned.

The new design improves the customer’s experience and has been simplified.

Any new V5Cs issued from 15 April 2019 will be the new version. However any previous versions will still be valid.

As a result of the changes, GOV.UK will be amended to include these changes. We are also reviewing any references to the V5C on our forms.

Document changes

Here are the changes to the document.

Front cover

  • The document reference number has moved to the top and the words ’Don’t share, keep it safe’ 
  • Multi-coloured guidance section has been added to the bottom
  • Enforcement message has been added to the front
  • The name and address on the front has moved to the top
  • Date of acquisition has been moved to below the document reference number


  • The vehicle details have been rearranged to the top half of the page to create extra room 
  • Change of keeper and change of name and address have been separated
  • Customers can now supply contact details
  • Section 5 (permanently exporting this vehicle for more than 12 months) – country of export field has been added
  • Section 6 (new keeper’s slip) – name and address fields removed 


  • Data capture boxes introduced for accuracy and simplification
  • Signature boxes removed and replaced with declarations in red
  • Welsh version on one side and English on the other
  • Back page of the English document has been left blank
  • V5CW – serialised across the three pages that are V5C issuing sections (at the top)
  • V5C – serialised on the front cover and back page that are document issuing (at the top)
  • Document reference number has been added to each section
  • Simplified instructions
  • Perforations have been changed on the last page (the only separated section is the green 'new keeper' slip)

Further questions on this change

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