Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Just because it is behind closed doors it does not mean it should be private.

October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Domestic violence & abuse can happen to anyone regardless of profession, gender, sexual orientation, men and women as well as children living in a domestic abuse household can be victims.

It can be difficult for people to recognise and believe that they are a victim of domestic abuse, if you think that someone you know is being abused, it is important to speak up. A lot of people worry that it is none of their business, yet you could save a person’s life by speaking up. It’s better to speak up, rather than saying nothing at all.

Often, people in unhealthy relationships need someone to help them out of the situation, and so one conversation can make all of the difference. If you would like to find out more information about the support available so that you can help yourself or someone you know visit our Domestic Abuse Hub webpage OR call the Domestic Abuse Hub on 01302 737080


What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse isn’t always a physical act, it includes a range of abusive behaviour between people 16 years or older and can affect both men and women, who are or were intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Economic
  • Psychological or emotional

Children and young people can also be affected by the abuse that they see and hear, and they can be harmed as part of domestic abuse between adults. Young people may also experience abuse from their own boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Domestic Abuse Hub

The domestic abuse hub is a collection of domestic abuse services working across the Doncaster supporting ALL victims of domestic abuse.  The support is available for people in heterosexual relationships, for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.  Support is available for people being abused by a partner or an ex-partner or for people who are being abused by a family member e.g. son, daughter, sibling, grandchild. These agencies are working together in a Domestic Abuse Hub which makes it simple and easy to get the help you need when you need it.

Domestic abuse workers can support people aged 16 years or older. The specialist workers can provide practical and emotional support to you, family members and also signpost on to services for those that commit domestic abuse.

Visit the Domestic Abuse Hub

Alcohol and drugs

When people who are harming others also use alcohol and drugs it can increase the hurt they cause.  Alcohol and drugs are also often used as an excuse for the abuse.  There is never an excuse for abusing someone else. 

If you are worried about your drinking and the affect it has on your actions then help is available from Inspire to Change.

Aspire Community

Alcohol support - NHS

DDAS Alcohol

Stalking and harassment

Stalking and harassment can happen to anyone and is a form of domestic abuse and is when when someone repeatedly behaves in a way that makes you feel scared, distressed or threatened. There are different types of stalking and harassment and anyone can be a victim. It can make you feel scared, anxious and afraid of leaving your home, stalking is more than one act which causes harm or distress. The unwanted attention could be in person, online or via the phone. Some of the behaviours you experience may seem small, but together they form a pattern of behaviour that is frightening and upsetting. Stalking is a criminal offence and if you go to the police they will take it seriously.

Call the National Stalking Helpline on0808 802 0300 run by Suzy Lamplugh Trust.


Stalking & Harrassment

Survivor Support

Residents who would like support in dealing with the aftermath of being in an unhealthy relationship can now access support from Doncaster Council’s Survivor Liaison worker. The Survivor Liaison worker can provide support through post-separation abuse, provide access to online support groups, support in the next steps after leaving an abusive situation either in a support group or 1-1 sessions are available and may be able to help navigate family court.

The survivor liaison worker runs support groups, different groups are available for women, men and members of the LGBTQ+ community to ensure everyone feels comfortable

Quote from a survivor of domestic abuse “If it wasn’t for the Survivor Liaison Worker, I would still be feeling so helpless, worthless and negative about everything in my life. I can’t thank her enough for the kindness and support she has given me.”

Domestic Abuse Survivor Zone

Are you worried that you are hurting someone?

We know that some people that have been abusive towards others deeply regret what happened and have made changes to their lives to end the abusive behaviour.  Sometimes both people in a relationship can be abusive towards each other.

Alongside support for victims there is help if you are worried about some of your behaviours and would like to make changes, help is available from Inspire to Change

Cranstoun Inspire to Change - Cranstoun


The effects of Domestic Abuse for a child can last a lifetime

Children who live in a home where there is abuse or violence will be affected by it and this can cause long term emotional harm to them.

If you are worried about the impact an unhealthy relationship is having on your family or you are worried about a child you know in your community please call 01302 737080