Devon Highways Parish & Town Council Update - Autumn 2019


Introducing you to Roadmap, a highways update created specifically for Parish & Town Councils

Welcome to the fourth edition of Roadmap.  Roadmap provides information and updates from the Highway Service and has been created specifically for Parish & Town Councils.

If you have any feedback please let us know as we would like to shape this publication based on your requirements.  If you would like to make a contribution please also let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We hope to provide an edition of Roadmap twice a year, however if there is a need to increase the frequency we will look to do so.

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Funding news


Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund (HMCEF)

The second assessment of this financial year is approaching and we have, as of 9 September, received 4 applications.

We received 5 applications for the first assessment and were able to offer the full funding for 2 applications and provide a 25% contribution for 2 other applications.  The remaining application was fully supported but will be undertaken by Devon County Council rather than by a community project.

If you would like to submit a request for funding please complete our online application form.



Parish & Town Council Conferences 2019

Following a year's hiatus, our Parish & Town Council Conferences are returning and will be held on;

  • Thursday 3 October - Magelake Parish Pavillion, Uffculme
  • Friday 4 October - Kenn Centre, Kennford
  • Monday 7 October - Filleigh Village Hall, Filleigh
  • Thursday 10 October - Rattery Village Hall, Rattery
  • Tuesday 15 October - The Clinton Hall, Merton

Each event will take place between 10.00am and 1.00 pm.  The format will be an exhibition style event with a number of teams, projects and initiatives having a display/stand with staff representation available to assist with any queries or concerns.

Invitations have been sent using Eventbrite.  If you haven't received your invitation please check your spam/junk folder or register by clicking here.


My tree, my responsibility

A new campaign has been launched to encourage landowners with ash trees on their properties to inspect them for ash dieback.

Our “My tree, my responsibility” campaign, supported by the Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum, aims to inform owners of trees to look out for signs of the fungal tree disease and to take any appropriate action in order to maintain public safety.

More than 90% of Devon’s native ash trees are expected to be lost due to Ash dieback in the next five to 15 years.

Across the county there are around 448,000 ash trees within falling distance of the highway that are owned by third parties or on unregistered land. The overall cost of felling all of these ash trees could be more than £70 million.

Multiple pothole reports

We now accept multiple pothole reports, in the same location, on one report submitted via our report a problem page rather than requesting separate reports.

Devon Roadworks - Permit Scheme

Devon are proposing to move from a noticing to a permit for works scheme in early 2020.

Works promoters will apply for permission to complete works on the public highway in advance - this is a 'works permit'.  Click here for further information.



Life on the verge in Devon

Since the early 1930s, the UK has lost over 97% of ancient wild flower grassland and have seen the numbers of the species they support decline - two of the UK’s 26 bumblebee species are now extinct and butterflies alone have suffered a 76% decline over the past four decades. Our road verges can support a huge range of wildlife, as long grass and wildflowers are ideal habitat for insects like bees and butterflies.

Following on from the HLF funded ‘Life on the Verge – Biosphere’ project in the North Devon Biosphere, Devon County Council have launched the ‘Life on the Verge in Devon’ initiative in order to encourage local communities to safely manage their road verges for the benefit of wildlife.  Please click here for further information.

Facebook logo

Devon Community Wardens Facebook group

A number of you have indicated that you would find it useful to have a discussion forum available to speak with others who have undertaken works within their communities. In response we are trialling a Facebook group to see if this provides a suitable solution.  The group is a place to;

  • Share examples of local projects
  • Discuss ideas for future projects
  • Seek guidance and advice from both Devon County Council and other parish/town councils
  • Share important information relating to Devon County Councils road and snow warden schemes
  • Discuss opportunities for joint working and sharing tools and equipment

All parishes and town councils, signed up to the road warden scheme, and Snow Wardens, who have provided us with an email address, have been invited to the group.  If you would like to become a member please let us know here (an email address is required).

Roundabout Sponsorship and maintenance

The process for sponsoring a roundabout is currently under review and we are looking at opportunities for willing Parish and Town Councils to take on responsibility for maintaining roundabouts within their communities. The proposal would see Council’s take on local ownership for these areas with funding generated via sponsorship from local businesses and traders, the proposal builds on the success of the scheme managed by Barnstaple Town Council.

Further information will be available at the conferences in October, explaining opportunities for communities and how this might be managed. If this would be of interest to your community there will be an opportunity to register an expression of interest.

Autumn 2019

Useful links

Neighbourhood Highway Officer (NHO)

Each electoral division has a designated NHO who provides local support and information on highway matters.  They are your main point of contact for the highway service.

Report a problem

Report a number of problems, including potholes, using our webpages.  Guidance notes are available here.


Found out what roadworks are going on in your area and sign up to automatic alerts;

We also create dedicated webpages for works which are likely to impact those travelling on our network.  These are available to view here.

Open Data

Access our open data resource which includes details of our drainage assets and our planned highway inspection frequency.

Highway Safety Awareness e-learning course

A free e-learning course is available, which we recommend is undertaken by anybody who wishes to, or is interested in, undertaking community works on or near the highway.  If you would like to register volunteers for this course, please send their name and email addresses to this mailbox.


Pinpoint Devon enables users to find care and support services, residential homes, advice services, community groups, activity clubs, registered childcare and much more across Devon.

Doing What Matters Community Grant Fund 

In line with DCC’s strategic priorities and challenges, the focus of the 2019/20 Doing What Matters Community Grant Fund is connecting people in a positive, fulfilling and inclusive way; tackling and reducing loneliness and undesired isolation in all their forms and across all age groups.  For further information please see our website.

For other sources of grant funding please click here.

Community self help schemes and volunteering

For details on our Road Warden, Snow Warden and Parish Paths Partnership schemes, as well as a number of other schemes, please visit our communities webpages.


Operation Snap is a secure online portal where you can upload digital video / photos of driving offences which you have witnessed to be reviewed by police. The full FAQs and requirements are on Devon & Cornwall Police's webpage

pavement parking

Pavement parking

Although we are unable to respond to immediate issues with pavement parking, we do have a reporting tool available which allows us to collect information about this issue and use the data for long term planning.

If pavement parking is causing a wilful obstruction or there is a danger, please phone the police on 101.


Community works - training requirements

For information regarding training requirements, for community works, please click on the roadworks sign.

Have Your Say

We would like to invite our stakeholders to complete a public satisfaction survey provided by the National Highways and Transport Network (NHT).

Click here for further information and to complete the survey.