DAPH Update: Nominations for Devon Education Forum (DEF): L/A Schools Named Substitute Member

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  Summer Term  |  9 July 2019  |  Nominations for DEF - L/A Schools Named Substitute Member

Special Edition

For the attention of: Headteachers/Principals of all L/A Maintained Schools within Devon Local Authority

Devon Education Forum (DEF):

Appointment of Schools (L/A Maintained) named Substitute effective from

1 September 2019 to 31 August 2022

Dear colleagues

In accordance with Schools Forums (England) Regulations 2012 and further ESFA Guidance: Schools Forums Operational and Good Practice Guide (September 2018), the membership of Devon Education Forum (DEF) must include both Schools members (L/A Maintained) and Academy members. Additionally, arrangements must also include named Substitutes for each category membership who will attend and vote (where appropriate) at meetings of Devon Education Forum when necessary i.e. if a full member is unable to attend.

With the forthcoming departure of David Barnett (Headteacher, Chudleigh CofE Community Primary School) as the L/A Schools named Substitute, a vacancy now exists. In line with the above guidance, all nominations must be decided in consultation with the membership.

On behalf of the DAPH Executive Committee, we are writing to advise that, in the absence of any additional nominations being submitted by L/A schools before the advertised closing date, the following candidate will be put forward by DAPH and appointed as the L/A schools named substitute on DEF from 1 September 2019 until 31 August 2022:

  • Colin Butler  |  Executive Headteacher, Otter Valley Federation

Any further nominations should be submitted by schools (L/A Maintained) via email to daph@devon.gov.uk to be received no later than 12.00pm midday on Friday 19 July 2019.

It should be noted that there are no other proposed changes to the primary membership of DEF (L/A school and academy); existing members were elected in 2018 for a new 4 year term until 31 August 2022. Details of DEF membership can be viewed H E R E.

A short guide to the schools forum for schools forum for schools and academies, which may be helpful to stakeholders and the wider school family, is available on GOV.UK.

Schools forum members will need the skills and competencies to manage Forum business (as detailed in schools forum powers and responsibilities) and to take a strategic view across the whole education estate whilst acting as representative of the group that has elected them. Furthermore, they should be easily contactable and pro-active in raising the profile of issues and communicating decisions, and the reasons behind them, effectively.

Further information on Devon Education Forum to include the Constitution, minutes of meetings etc. is available on the Devon County Council website.

To provide for effective representation on Devon Education Forum, it is expected that any nominated Schools or Academy member would attend the Executive Committee meetings of their respective phase association (DASH or DAPH) in order to understand fully the wider context of representing the schools community in Devon on DEF and the work undertaken by its constituent sub-groups.

Yours sincerely
Clare Coates  |  Business Manager
(sent on behalf of the DAPH Executive Committee)