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Welcome to the Smokefree Devon Alliance newsletter.

As always please share any information that you would like to see included in future editions.

Choose Health, Not Tobacco

World No Tobacco Day

In case you are not aware it is World No Tobacco Day tomorrow, Friday 31st May 2019. The annual event hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is an opportunity to raise awareness on the harm caused by smoking and exposure to second-hand-smoke, and encourage more people to make a quit attempt.

Please promote the messages using your own social media activity (#NoTobacco). You can read more about the campaign and how the focus for 2019 is on tobacco and lung health.

Instructional video for GP Surgeries

GP surgeries who currently have a contract with Devon Public Health for delivering smoking cessation activity will be familiar with the requirement to fill in the Smoking cessation quarterly return forms. Devon Public Health have recently created a short instructional video explaining the process for completing these forms..

Smoking Cessation GP Surgery Quarterly Returns How To

Devon Public Health are in the process of creating a similar video to assist pharmacies in the completion of their quarterly returns. We will be in contact when this is available.

Have you read the NHS Long Term Plan?

The NHS Long Term Plan is a blueprint for how the service will move forwards in the next 10 years. As expected the prevention of health-related illness and death caused by smoking features within the publication. “The NHS will increase their contribution to tacking some of the most significant causes of ill health including new action to help people stop smoking”. Part of this new action will be moving forwards with new evidence-based NHS prevention programmes based on the Ottawa and Manchester Cure models.

NHS Long Term Plan

The Greater Manchester CURE model has recently launched a new website which explains all about the CURE project and provides links to a host of resources and information.

The NHS Long Term Plan is quick to point out that the new commitments for action will need to complement, rather than be a substitute for public health grant funded local government services including smoking cessation services, school nursing and health visitors. As we know within the Smokefree Devon Alliance – we all need to play our part if we are to help the population of Devon to become truly smoke-free.

Read more about the NHS Long Term Plan.

Why we need Local Tobacco Partnerships

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and Cancer Research UK recently published a report into the state of Stop Smoking Services and Tobacco Control in England.

A Changing Landscape

In addition, ASH and Fresh have also shared some insights into the current status of local tobacco control partnerships in the country. The findings were based on feedback from 33 participating local authorities. A quick read of the report demonstrates that out local Devon Smokefree Alliance is doing well and ahead of many other areas in terms of having a defined Strategy, Vision for tobacco control and a current and active Action Plan. Devon Smokefree Alliance is also well positioned with regards to it’s current membership and senior leadership buy-in. We need to continue to work collaboratively towards the Action Plan and use the opportunities we each have within our organisations to raise the profile of our tobacco control activity.

The report identified a number of key partners for an effective alliance which included:

NHS - MH & Acute trusts; Maternity units; CCGs; GP surgeries; Clinical champions; Pharmacies

Trading standards; Fire service; Housing; Public health registrars/consultants; Children and young people; Police; Universities; Vape shops; Sports clubs and local VCS organisations.

We would be grateful if you would extend an invite from the Smokefree Devon Alliance to anyone within these sectors who may be able to help us to achieve our shared vision of creating a smokefree Devon population.

30th May 2018

Signpost to local stop smoking services

A reminder to everyone to promote the local stop smoking services. Research shows that these offer the best chance of smokers making a successful quit attempt. 

You can find out all referral and contact details for these services on the Smokefree Devon website.

Support to quit in Devon

Next Smokefree Alliance Meeting

The next Smokefree Devon Alliance meeting will be held at County Hall, Devon County Council on Monday 1st July 2019. During the meeting we will be looking forward to hearing from partners who are working on 'Priority area 3: Creating and supporting smokefree organisations, particularly NHS organisations' of the current Action Plan.

New training dates for Stop Smoking Advisors

Practitioners and partners can check out upcoming face-2-face Stop Smoking Advisor training dates below:

All training is delivered by the Specialist Stop Smoking Service. Before booking onto the initial training, please check that your GP practice or pharmacy has a contract to deliver Public Health Services.

Please note, at least one advisor from each organisation must attend the refresher training every year.

Online information for advisors

If you have any queries about the smoking cessation service you are running, or are looking for resources, please check the Smokefree Devon Alliance website. 

Free online training for professionals on e-cigarettes


National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) course covers the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes, types of devices and issues for e-cigarette users to consider. It looks specifically at the role of e-cigarettes for young people and pregnant women who smoke, and answers frequently asked questions.  

Access the training here.

Smokefree Devon Website

Smokefree Devon Alliance

For the latest information about tobacco control within Devon please visit the Smokefree Devon website.

Check out 'Information for professionals' to find details about upcoming smoking cessation training, how to refer to local stop smoking services, contract information, as well as all the latest updates from the Smokefree Devon Alliance.

Please send any suggestions of content you would like to see to 

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