Devon Highways Parish & Town Council Update - September 2018


Introducing you to Roadmap, a Devon Highways update created specifically for Parish & Town Councils

This is the second edition of Roadmap.  Roadmap is a new publication that has been created specifically for Parish & Town Councils.  Whilst we have previously relied on emails to provide you with information, and also to advise you of important messages, we felt that a publication such as this could help improve the way in which we communicate.

If you have any feedback let us know, as we would like to shape this publication based on your requirements.  If you would like to make a contribution please also let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We hope to provide an edition of Roadmap twice a year, however if there is a need to increase the frequency we will look to do so.

If you would prefer not to receive future copies of this publication please unsubscribe here.  Alternatively if you are aware of other members of your council who would like to receive a copy of Roadmap please advise here.


Pothole reports

Please see our pothole article which details the impact of the severe weather earlier this year.

Funding news

Resilience Funding and Pothole Action Fund Works

As you are probably aware Devon has been awarded an additional £4.4 million through resilience funding.

Sites for this work have been identified both by our local Neighbourhood Highway Officers, and from data we have collated following highway inspections.  The works were put out to tender and have recently been awarded to various contractors across the county.  An introductory presentation was held with all contractors on Monday 16 July.

Preparations are now underway for the works to commence and traffic orders will soon be advertised in local papers.  A webpage has been created and is available to view in the roadworks section of our website.  This provides more detail including the locations and the contractors undertaking the works.  The works include;

  • Predominantly, resurfacing, overlay, machine patching, hand patching
  • Associated cleaning, ditching, hedge trimming to facilitate works
  • Associated drainage works
  • One specific drainage scheme in Exeter. (Ferry Road)

If you require any further information please speak to your Neighbourhood Highway Officer.



Snow Wardens and Winter Maintenance

Updated Snow Warden information

If you currently are part of, or would like to sign up for the Snow Warden Scheme please complete the online form with the details of your main Snow Warden.  The form also allows you to request your free salt allocation for this forthcoming year.  In order to assist with the distribution of important information during the winter period it is extremely important that the information we hold is accurate and up to date.

Thank you in advance for your cop-operation. 


Grit bins

We are currently undertaking a widespread check of the County's grit bins.  If you have any information to assist with this process, regarding the grit bins in your communities, please do let us know via the report a problem page or email.

Neighbourhood Highway Teams

There has been a lot of staff changes, in recent months, within the Highway Neighbourhood Teams.  To find the details of your local officer please see the useful links section.


Parish Asset updating project

During the Parish and Town Council Conferences held late last year, details were provided of a pilot project that had been undertaken with Broadhembury Parish Council which enabled them to update their parish assets.  Broadhembury were given access to a piece of software called the parish asset editor.  This software enabled representatives from the parish council to update, add and delete highway assets, specifically drainage features and grit bins, in their local area and also detail any works that had been undertaken on that asset, ie clearance works.

This project has recently been rolled out to a further 26 users in 13 parishes.

If you are interested in becoming involved please let us know here. 

Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund (HMCEF)

Thank you to everyone who submitted bids in the last financial year.  We received a total of 57 applications as well as carrying over 30 applications from the previous financial year.  A total of 56 applications were approved and we provided over £80,000.00 of funding.  This helped over £200,000.00 of community work to be undertaken.

We've received 21 applications so far in 2018/19.  Of those, 8 were approved and processed straight away as they were for pothole material.  A further 8 were approved in June.  

Applications received up until the end of August will be assessed in September.  The online application form is available here.

Please be advised that requests for pothole repair material are not subject to the assessment rounds and will be processed outside of those timescales.  However, a HMCEF application form should still be completed and submitted.

For details of the applications that we have approved to date, those approved in the last financial year and a selection of case studies, please visit our communities webpages.

September 2018

Useful links

Neighbourhood Highway Officer (NHO)

Each electoral division has a designated NHO who provides local support and information on highway matters.  They are your main point of contact for Devon Highways.

Report a problem

Report a number of problems, including potholes, using our webpages.  Guidance notes are available here.


Found out what roadworks are going on in your area and sign up to automatic alerts;

We also create dedicated webpages for works which are likely to have a high impact on the travelling public.  These are available to view here.

Open Data

Access our open data resource which includes details of our drainage assets and our highway inspection frequency.

Highway Safety Awareness e-learning course

We now have a free e-learning course available which we recommend is undertaken by anybody who wishes to, or is interested in, undertaking community works on or near the highway.  If you would like to register volunteers for this course, please send their name and email addresses to this mailbox.

Your feedback is required!

We are in the process of reviewing our Parish & Town Council webpages.

Would you please be able to spare a few minutes of your time to complete our online survey.  The feedback will help us determine whether the webpages are required and if so, what improvements can be made.


Pinpoint Devon enables users to find care and support services, residential homes, advice services, community groups, activity clubs, registered childcare and much more across Devon.

Parish & Town Council Conference 2018/19

The initial planning stages of our annual conferences have taken place and it is felt that a different format may be beneficial this year.  Please let us know how you feel by completing our short survey.


Crowdfund Devon Pilot - Councils to support crowdfunded community projects

We and the Police and some of our District Council colleagues, are trying something a bit different.

We each make funds available to support local communities and local projects - things that make a difference to residents and communities. Collectively we all give quite a lot of money, thousands of pounds each year, but recipients also need to raise additional funds as well.

So as a pilot, we're setting up Crowdfund Devon. Groups or individuals wanting to apply for funding can do so through this Crowdfund Devon scheme. That way, it's brought to the attention of the public too, and able to attract some funding from anyone who wishes to support it.

It sounds like a good idea, so we thought we'd pilot it.  Read more.