DAPH Update: Special Edition - Parliament visit to deliver letter to the Chancellor - Tuesday 14th November 2017

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  14 November 2017  |  Parliament visit to deliver letter to the Chancellor

Special Edition

Message from Matthew Shanks, DASH Co-Ordinator and Paul Walker, DAPH Chair

Dear All,

On Tuesday 14th November, Matthew Shanks travelled to London to deliver a letter (see below) to Philip Hammond on your behalf along with headteachers from 25 local authorities. Please do not give up on this campaign.

Below are a couple of salient points to share with press if you are contacted.

Even if your school does not lose as a result of the latest Fair Funding round the government have still cut education spending. The local authority still needs to balance high needs spending as a result of these cuts and other changes. Where do you think this money will come from?

Please, if you can, make your parents aware of this issue.

Thank you for all the messages of support you have sent. Now is not the time to give in.

Best wishes,

Matthew Shanks - On behalf of DASH (Devon Association of Secondary Headteachers)

l e t t e r  to Philip Hammond  |  p r e s s   r e l e a s e

As Devon Heads we are standing together on the issue of school funding.

Last year secondary schools across Devon released or made redundant over 90 teaching assistants and 50 teachers.

Option choices were reduced at GCSE as schools reduced information technology spending by over a million pounds.

Additionally, schools across Devon cut a number of enrichment courses and support with transport.

The £1.3 billion announced by the government as an increase in spending for schools is nothing of the kind. Originally funding between 2015-20 was to be cut by £3 billion according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Now school funding is only being cut by £1.7 billion. This is not good enough and does not represent fair funding.

A child in Devon does not receive the same for their education from this government as children in other parts of the country. The letter to Mr Hammond was to raise this important point once again. Parents are not happy with the lack of funding being put into their children’s schools; other countries invest in education to make them great, not cut it.