Demand on Adult Social Care: message from Tim Golby and Keri Storey

Adult Social Care Newsletter

Special issue - June Colleagues not receiving it? Tell us                                                          28 June 2016

Keri Storey and Tim Golby

Dear colleagues,

There have been exceptional levels of demand on Adult Social Care over the last six months, and we are experiencing significant operational and financial pressures. Monitoring information indicates an increased number of people in receipt of statutory services and increased prices for care being paid in some care sectors. There is significant work taking place to understand both the scale and impact of this increase as well as the reasons for it.



We are developing an approach to contain this issue and will look to take a sensible and measured approach which minimises impact on the most vulnerable.  What is clear is that the current growth in activity and spend is unsustainable and we will need to find different ways to deal with this quickly. 



To begin to impact on the financial and demand pressure being experienced (and to protect front line services to vulnerable residents), we are requiring all staff and managers to cease any discretionary spending.



This will include non-essential staff training, out-of-county travel, attendance at conferences and any other items where spending can be stopped or deferred not relating to assessed care need. 



For operational staff it is essential that there is full and active involvement in all decisions regarding Continuing Health Care (CHC) eligibility particularly where NHS reviewing eligibility may result in costs falling back to DCC. Cases must not be transferred back to adult social care budgets until this has been agreed via our usual panel or authorisation arrangements.

We must also consider all options for supporting people to regain and optimise their independence before making or increasing a social care offer.  This should include considering a time-limited offer, with reablement, for any new or increased need.  



While we recognise this will be a difficult period for everyone this is an essential step to address our immediate position.  As we develop more detailed plans we will communicate again on a regular basis.

Supporting decision-making and financial commitment:


The Senior Leadership Team has introduced a Devon-wide High Cost Panel to consider all support plans where the proposed cost to DCC is greater than £1000 including S117 cases and CHC joint funding. This high cost panel will start from this week, and will apply to all adult service areas. 


The high-cost panel will be held weekly  on Thursday afternoons at 2 pm. This week the panel will be chaired by Keri Storey,  thereafter by the Deputy Assistant Director Carol Rea.


Application is initially via the existing panel form sent to the mailbox address by 1.00pm the day before (Wednesday).


Attendance at Panel will not be a requirement but the applicant/team manager should be available for telephone contact.

Panel guidance clarifies the requirements for locality panel arrangements and how these support good decision-making for  financial commitments. This new guidance is also available on the staff guidance webpages.



Tim Golby and Keri Storey




Tim Golby, Head of Social Care Commissioning, Keri Storey, Head of Adult Social Care