Insight e-bulletin – May 2020

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Insight e-bulletin May 2020

In this issue:

COVID-19 deaths in Coventry

Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS), Insight Coventry City Council

Every week the ONS publish the number of deaths registered by area and cause. An analysis of COVID-19 related deaths for Coventry is shown below:

  • The ONS reports a total of 254 deaths amongst Coventry residents registered up to 23 May with COVID-19 on the death certificate.
  • COVID-19 deaths appear to be following a downward trend for the last few weeks.
  • The proportion of all Coventry’s COVID-19 deaths that occurred in care homes is 24%, a little lower than the national average of 28%.
  • The total number of deaths from all causes is above average for the time of year. The number of excess deaths in weeks 19 and 20 is mostly explained by COVID-19 deaths, whereas in previous weeks the number of excess deaths has exceeded the number of COVID-19 deaths, deaths from other causes were higher than average.
  • Coventry’s mortality rate per 100,000 due to COVID-19 is similar to the national average and the city ranks lowest out of all seven authorities in the West Midlands metropolitan area.
Covid-19 deaths amongst Coventry residents by week

Impact of coronavirus on unemployment benefits in Coventry

Source: Centre for Cities, Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The latest claimant count data gives a sense of the impact of the first few weeks of lockdown on unemployment across the country. Some of the findings for Coventry include:

  • The unemployment claimant count for Coventry in April 2020 is 12,145, which is an increase of 4,145 additional people claiming the benefits from March 2020. This shows a very significant increase in unemployment amongst Coventry residents in a month.
  • The city recorded a 1.7 percentage point monthly increase in the claimant count in April 2020, compared to the national and regional averages of 2.0 percentage points. The increase in Coventry is large but lower than the average increase amongst other UK cities and large towns.
  • The claimant count rate for Coventry as a proportion of working age residents in April 2020 is 5.0%, similar to England’s rate and lower than the West Midlands rate of 6.0%.

The claimant count figures and how the increase differs by area is influenced by a number of factors including eligibility to claim benefits, the impact of lockdown by industry and use of the Job Retention Scheme.

These numbers probably do not total all unemployed residents, it only counts the individuals claiming unemployment benefits (Jobseeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit for unemployment reasons). Also, they measure the change up until 9 April so there are likely further increases to come. Furthermore, it does not include furloughed individuals, and this is likely to be a higher number than the above values.

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