Coventry Carers' Bulletin - October 2019

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Coventry Carers' bulletin

As the clocks have now gone back and the days are much shorter and darker it's an important time of year for all our Coventry residents to have that additional TLC. There have been lots of contributions this month from all our partners, so I hope that you find it an informative read.

For all our Coventry residents celebrating Diwali, we'd like to wish you an incredibly peaceful, happy and colourful celebration.

Read our Adult Social Care Annual Report

Annual Report

Every year Adult Social Care produce a report to talk about what we have done over the last year. The report contains information about the amount of people we have worked with over the year, service developments, the key challenges we face and celebrate successes.  The report is sometimes know as a Local Account.

This report has been co-produced using people's own journeys to demonstrate the work undertaken by the service. The report also sets out the priorities for Adult Social Care for the next year.  Read or download a copy of the report.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed this year and really brought the document to life.   

The way you refer into Adult Social Care is changing...

The way in which professionals refer into Adult Social Care is changing on 4 November 2019 with the launch of the new online referral form. From the 4 November you will be able to access the online referral form. (This link will work from 4 November). 

Members of the public can still refer by contacting the usual number which is 024 7683 3003 or submitting an online assessment

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Did you know you can complete your carers' assessment online?

Did you know anyone who provides necessary care to another person because of a sickness, disability, mental health or substance misuse issue is entitled to a carers assessment.  A carers' assessment is a good way to discuss with someone your caring responsibilities, the impact it may have on, what you'd like to achieve and what is important to.  You shouldn't leave having a carers' assessment until things are reaching crisis point, in fact you could have an assessment if you're thinking about becoming a carer as it's important to be able to speak to someone about planning for the future and what your rights may be.  A carers' assessment will explore:

  • What you are willing and able to do as a carer
  • What is important to you, what is good in your life and how you can life your best life.
  • How to maintain education and employment.
  • The impact looking after someone has on your health, mental wellbeing and overall wellbeing.
  • What you'd like to achieve.

You can now complete a carers assessment in the comfort of your own home, by completing the Online Carers' Self-Assessment. It allows you to write your own assessment and once complete you'll be contacted by someone from the Carers Trust Heart of England who will talk about your assessment and will provide advice and guidance related your circumstances.

Alternatively if you'd prefer to talk through your assessment you can you can request a Carers Assessment by contacting Adult Social Care Direct on 024 7683 3003 or the Carers Trust Heart of England on 024 7663 2972 - Option 1.

Online Carers Self-Assessment

Are you registered with CRESS?

Coventry CRESS

The CRESS service probably sounds familiar to both carers and professionals. It's our local Carers Response and Emergency Support Service.  The service helps carers plan for the event of emergency, thinking about what support networks might help.  It can often be the first time that someone has had the chance to contingency plan. The service is also able to provide up to 72 hours of free support in the event of an emergency.

What you might not know is that the CRESS service is now able to provide support for a one-off significant event. We know many carers miss out on significant family or social occasions, such as weddings, funerals or graduations and we also know that carers are likely to postpone their own health appointments to look after the person they care for.  This service is able to provide that support on a "one-off" basis to ensure that carers do not miss out on the occasions that are important to them.

You need to be registered with CRESS to access this service. You can register with CRESS by contacting 024 7625 8816. 

Community Mental Health survey

Community Mental Health services from Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust are undertaking a review of the service and would like your views as someone who is accessing the service or has previously accessed or as a carer. 

The aim of this review is better meet demand and offer services that support towards recovery and independence.

Community Mental Health Service User/Carer Questionnaire survey has 6 questions and will only take you a few minutes to complete.

Thank you for your support.


Hospital - We Care Event - 20 November 2019

The University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire are holding a "We Care Event" on Wednesday 20 November 2019 - 1.00pm-4.30pm - at St. Peter's Centre, Charles Street Coventry, CV1 5NP. This is an event for patients and carers and professionals to meet and an opportunity to network. This event will include:

  • General Healthy Lifestyles
  • Weight Management
  • Help with stopping smoking & reducing alcohol intake
  • Health checks for those registered with a Coventry GP between the ages of 40-74.

If we you wish to attend please email the Patient Involvement Team - or call 024 7696 5186. 

We Care Event

Flu-jab reminder - Carers are eligible for a FREE flu jab

It's that time of year again when temperatures drop and unfortunately we're all a bit more prone to coughs and colds. But contracting flu can have serious impacts for both you and the person you care for. If you care for someone who is sick or disabled you are entitled to a free flu jab in your own right and it's highly likely that the person you care for is to. 

To arrange your flu jab you can contact either your GP or your local pharmacy.


It’s the Dementia Superheroes!

Dementia Superheroes

Dementia doesn’t just affect the person and their carer. It can affect the whole family, including children. Children may find it difficult to understand what is happening and therefore it can be quite a confusing time for them too.

Our comic book series, ‘The Dementia Superheroes’ makes dementia a little less scary for primary school-aged children. The comics tell the stories of how Carl Carer, Violet Volunteer and Sophia Scientist all work together to help make life easier for people with dementia. Monthly packs include fun activities, collectable cards and a comic that shows how children can become ‘dementia superheroes’ themselves. Call 0330 333 0804 or visit to find out more.

There is a wide range of child-accessible books and videos available online to support your child’s understanding of dementia.

If you would like any dementia-related support please get in contact by giving us a call on 024 7665 2602 or email

Healthy Lifestyles Team are creating an exciting new resource for carers

On behalf of Healthy Lifestyles Services (HLS) Coventry, ICE Creates, behaviour change specialists conducted research to explore what carers need to self-manage their own health and wellbeing to be able to sustain their caring role. ICE reached out to key stakeholders across the system and engaged with a total of 38 carers from a range of backgrounds.

During the qualitative research carers told us that the demands of being a carer, lack of social support and feelings of isolation impacted their health and mental wellbeing. Researchers explored what carers need to support them to live well, and carers discussed types of information, advice and support that would help and encourage them to self-manage their own physical and mental health/resilience. This included support that Healthy Lifestyles Service Coventry can offer as part of the Assisted Self Care offer which involves some coaching support and guidance and is primarily delivered through a bespoke digital tool - which encourages peer based online support.

The findings from this research will inform the development of tailored resource provided by Healthy Lifestyles Service Coventry, to support all our carers in Coventry to focus on what’s important for them and look after their health and wellbeing.

Healthy Lifestyles Team

What's going on in Coventry Libraries?


Libraries are great spaces to meet people and spend some time. It’s free to join the library.

There is a wide range of activities happening in libraries, with something for everyone -

Celebrate Coventry Peace Festival with Poetry on Loan poet Kuli Kohli, who will be reading some of her poetry and talking about the writing process, Central Library, Sunday 3 November 1-2pm.

Join the Film appreciation group on the first Sunday of the month at Central Library 12noon-1pm - Sunday 3 November and 1 December 2019.

Pictures to Share are fantastic books to share with your friends and family. The books will help prompt conversation and will help carers and relatives spend meaningful time together.

One of the books in the collection-A Funny Old World in pictures-will bring a smile to the face of the reader. Full of lovely photographs, both old and new, with funny quotes. This book shows the reader the joyful, funny and odd world we live in. If you’re looking for a book to raise a smile, or lighten a mood, this is for you- The Reading Agency.

More information about Coventry Libraries and Information Service.

Coventry Libraries

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