Insight e-bulletin - April 2019

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Insight e-bulletin April 2019

In this issue:

How do cities trade with the world?

Source: Centre for Cities

Centre for Cities published a report on cities' exports — the types of services and goods they export, as well as the places they export to, are of particular interest as Britain prepares to leave the European Union (EU) and seeks to set up trade deals with other countries. Interesting observations about Coventry include:

  • Coventry was the seventh highest exporter per job out of 62 cities, ranking two places above London.
  • Coventry's exports were mainly driven by the road vehicles sector, which accounted for 59% of the city's exports.
  • Britain's cities overall relied most heavily on the EU as an export market. Even though 38% of Coventry's exports went to the EU, Coventry still had one of the smallest shares of exports going to the EU, ranking only 58th out of 62.
  • 13% of Coventry's exports headed to China, making the city the second-most reliant city on China. These exports were predominantly road vehicles.

Headline statistics - April 2019

Source: Insight, Coventry City Council

Headline statistics is a collection of indicators curated to give an overview of Coventry and its residents.

Figures have been updated for Employment, Unemployment, Qualifications, Businesses, Recorded Crime, Teenage conceptions, Students studying at local universities, Vacant dwellings, and Average house price.

Read the metadata to learn more about the indicators' context and methodology.

Coventry city centre empty shop units report - Q1 2019

Source: Insight, Coventry City Council

Upcoming city centre developments has impacted on the number of empty shop units (also known as voids) in the area. The redevelopment of City Centre South limits the potential of offering long-term lets to retailers. In Orchard Link, some shops have moved out in anticipation of the removal of escalators and upcoming public realm works in the Upper Precinct. 

  • One in seven shop units were empty by the end of Q1 2019. This is higher than national and regional levels but similar to Coventry's performance at the same time last year.
  • There were 17 newly empty shop units, while 11 previous voids were filled.
  • Some empty units are undergoing fitting at the moment so it is likely they will be filled by new shops in Q2 2019.
  • After a long period of empty shops followed by remodelling, Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre is now full with restaurants.
  • The number of empty shop units fell significantly at the end of 2018. This tended to happen around Christmas but the decrease this year was more notable than usual.

For details on individual shop units, read the full report.