Insight e-bulletin — February 2018

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Insight e-bulletin — February 2018

Cities Outlook 2018

Source: Centres for Cities

The Cities Outlook provides an economic health check of the 63 largest primary urban areas (PUAs) in the UK. Take a look at the latest figures for Coventry.

The annual city monitor ranks all cities according to a number of key measures. Coventry is highlighted as the fastest growing city in the UK in terms of population. Also, Coventry has the 2nd highest number of patent applications per person out of all cities and the value of goods exports by Coventry firms is the 4th highest of all cites. 

This year, the Cities Outlook explores the economic and political divides by location across the country. Looking back on the impact of technological advances on the economy and the number of jobs 100 years ago, the report predicts the way artificial intelligence and automation will affect different areas of the country by 2030. The report asserts that automation and globalisation may compound political and economic divides between the cities in the South East and others. 

While the report predicts that all cities will experience a growth in jobs up to 2030, automation will likely mean job losses in particular sectors and occupations. 25% of Coventry's jobs are in the occupations that are predicted by this report to shrink, ranking the city amongst the highest fifth of cities in this respect.

    The Role of Place in the UK's Productivity Puzzle

    Source: Centre for Cities

    The briefing explores the way the location of cities attracts different job sectors, and as job sectors vary significantly in terms of productivity, location contributes to determining a city's level of productivity. Specifically, it points out that a lot of cities outside of the Greater South East has been under-performing, negatively affecting UK's productivity.

    The figure below shows a measure of productivity by all UK cities in 2015. Coventry ranks 26th of 62 listed cities.