Insight e-bulletin - 16 August 2017

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Insight e-bulletin - 16 August 2017

The economic impact of Brexit on UK cities

Source: Centre for Cities

Key points:

  • It is estimated that all British cities will be negatively affected, as measured by a reduction in Gross Value Added (GVA), due to a predicted reduction in trade.
  • Cities with large shares of employment in private-sector knowledge-intensive services (KIBS), predominantly in the South, are predicted to be most negatively affected.
  • The predicted impact in Coventry ranks in the middle of all British cities.
  • Coventry GVA is estimated to be 2.3% lower that it would have been after 10 years if the UK and EU do not immediately form a free trade area and the default situation is to trade under WTO rules. Under a scenario where the UK joins a free-trade area with the EU it is estimated it would be 1.2% lower.
  • There is uncertainty associated with these estimates and this report looks at economic impact in a relatively narrow way.

Coventry residents by qualification level 2016

Source: Insight, Coventry City Council & ONS

Key points:

  • 10% of Coventry's population aged 16-64 have no formal qualfications. This has improved in recent years but remains worse than the proportion across England overall. 
  • 34% of Coventry's population aged 16-64 are qualified to NVQ level 4 (higher education below degree level) or higher. Similarly this has improved but remains lower than England. 
Qualification levels of Coventry residents 2016

Public Health Outcomes - Coventry at a glance

Source: Local Knowledge & Intelligence Service West Midlands, Public Health England (PHE)

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