Scam Alerts and News from Coventry Trading Standards - 26 May 2017

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Scam Alerts and News from Coventry Trading Standards - 26 May 2017

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PPI telephone fraud warning revisited


In November, Trading Standards reported a PPI scam which involved the purchase of iTune vouchers in order to claim a 'refund'.

There has now been another report from a Holbrooks resident who received a call and was advised that they were due a PPI refund of £9,500 but to get this they would first have to pay £475 in iTunes vouchers to a courier who would be calling later that day to drop off the refund cheque.

The resident then received a second call and was told that the courier had been delayed but was asked for the voucher serial codes as this would speed up the process of receiving the PPI refund. At this stage, only £125 worth of vouchers had been purchased but unfortunately, the serial codes were disclosed.

The resident then went to their building society to get the further money required. Thankfully staff recognised this as a scam and their prompt action prevented the resident from losing anymore money.

Fraudsters are using iTunes gift cards to collect money from victims because they can be easily redeemed and sold on. The scammers don’t need the physical card to redeem the value, just the serial code on the back.

Trading Standards advise that if you receive any call out of the blue and are asked for personal information play it safe and hang up. It is better to hang up on a genuine call and do your research than to risk your personal details and lose your money to a scam.

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Trading Standards urge vigilance this Bank Holiday Weekend


The long Bank Holiday weekend can be an opportunity for rogue traders to catch more people at home and offer work.

Rogue traders are individuals or groups of people who cold-call householders, often targeting vulnerable residents, claiming to be a bona fide business and claiming to offer services, most commonly buildings maintenance and repair. 

Our advice is to be on your guard for such unsolicited approaches, and to stay vigilant especially if you have vulnerable or elderly people living nearby who may be potential targets.

If you didn't arrange for a visit, politely decline any offers of work and close your door. Be firm, as rogue traders are in the habit of turning up in the evenings and at weekends and often more than once to try put pressure on people. These individuals will soon move on if their source of work – and income – dries up.

There have also been several incidents of burglary recently and Coventry Police are also issuing warnings to householders about the dangers of leaving windows wide open in the warmer weather, especially at night.

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How to protect yourself against RANSOMWARE


Recall: Aldi Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale due to undeclared barley


Aldi is recalling its Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale because it contains barley which is not mentioned on the label. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to barley. The product does not pose a risk to consumers with coeliac disease.

Product: Brasserie Gluten Free Organic Pale Ale

Pack size: 750ml

Batch code: All batch codes

Advice: If you have bought the above product and have an allergy to barley, do not drink it. Instead return it to the store from where you bought it for a full refund.

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Recall: Tesco - Lipstick pens and lollipop pens


The following notice has been issued by the retailer:

Amscan International Ltd has advised that the caps on both pens do not comply with the required safety standards and as such may pose an asphyxiation hazard if swallowed accidentally. There have been no reports of injuries with either of these products.

As a precautionary measure, Amscan International Ltd are recalling affected pens from customers. No other Amscan products are known to be affected.

Lipstick Pens 2PK - Model #: MF986479

Lollipop Pens 4PK - Model #: MF986829

Advice: Please return the affected products to store where a full refund will be given. No receipt is required.

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