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Know what it means to be a Young Adult Carer


Young Adult Carers (YACs) are young people who care, unpaid, for a friend or family member. In 2013 the first wide reaching survey took place to try and uncover how many young adult carers there are in the UK; it resulted in an estimate of over 375,000. These young people between the ages of 14 – 25 were also found to be under supported and unrecognised. It is from these findings that my project came to be in place...

I am Georgina Deanie and I work for the Carers' Trust Heart of England, a Coventry organisation for the support of carers.

Between the age ranges 14 – 25 most young people will go through a transitional period between childhood to adulthood, a common time for worry, stress and changes in priorities. For young people with the additional responsibility of caring this is a vital time to have support to ensure they can reach goals and attain a positive level of well-being. 

The research results below highlight the negative effects suffered when support is not readily available:

  • Over 50% of YACs reported mental health problems of their own
  • 29% have dropped out of college/university because of their caring role
  • The difficulties YACs experience as a result of their caring role can have significant and long term negative impacts on their confidence, socialisation, their engagement with education and employment
  • YACs miss work an average of 17 days per year, with a further 79 days affected because of their caring responsibilities.
Time for Change

The project Time For Change aims to support Young Adult Carers to reduce these negatives.

I, as the information advice and support worker, help to raise awareness of this under represented group and directly support the young people identified with issues regarding managing a caring role, education and/or employment and the overall transition into adulthood.

To refer to the Young Adult Carers Information, Advice and support worker directly or for more information on the project contact:

Georgina Deanie - Young Adult Carers Information, Advice and Support worker

Tel: 024 7610 1040




Free taster sessions for carers

Carers Trust

We offer access to FREE sessions for carers where you can get support and advice, discuss issues and concerns and learn new skills to help you care safely and also to ensure you look after yourself. 

Our group course usually consists of six sessions lasting around two hours each and are designed for up to 10 people. The group content is tailored to the people attending and can include:

  • Accessing support, services and resources
  • Managing your caring role
  • Looking after yourself
  • Coping with or relieving stress and anxiety
  • An introduction to Moving and Handling
  • An introduction to Understanding Dementia

Come along to a two hour taster session   to learn more about the course and see if it is for you.

Thursday 20 April 2017 at Central Library 


Tuesday 2 May 2017 at Queen Victoria Rd

Both sessions are between 11:00am - 1:00pm 

Both venues are in the city centre


The next full six week course of sessions start weekly at 11.00am on Tuesday 9 May2017 at our offices in Queen Victoria Road.

For further information on our FREE VIP Services please contact:

 Paul Nicholls or Gill Fleckner  - Telphone 024 7610 1040 


Further information about Training and Learning for Carers 

New online Carers' information and practice guidance for Council workers

Carers Homepage

A new homepage on the Council's intranet is now available bringing a range of information, advice and practice guidance into one place.

It includes guidance about supporting adult carers, parent carers and young carers and explains the Council's statutory duties in supporting carers.

This is to help raise awareness about carers and ensure more consistency in the way they are supported which is one of the improvements identified in Coventry's multi agency Carers' Strategy.

It also includes information for employees who are carers to ensure they know their rights at work and have easy access to the Council's family friendly policies that can help carers balance their caring responsibilities with paid employment.

  • Council employees can follow this link to the Carers' homepage
  • If you don't work for the Council the public website has a range of information, advice and guidance
  • If you work for another organisation and want to find out more about how you can promote similar information in your workplace please contact us during April

Support Group for Asian Carers

Milan 1

Milan Carers' Support Group is a support group for the Asian Carers who are registered with the Carers' Centre, Carers Trust Heart of England. There are over 150 members who are on register and take part in activities on regular basis. 

The members meet twice a month at St. Peter's Centre on Friday between 10.30am  -12.30pm. The group is facilitate by the staff from the Carers' Centre with the support from the team of dedicated volunteers.

Throughout the year Milan members are given information on various local services, offered places on activities including day trips, outings, arts & crafts sessions and much more. Carers are Involved in consultations with Health and Social Care professionals.  It gives them chance to talk about their difficulties and issues they are facing and the opportunity to give their views in shaping local services. Carers are offered training to provide skills & techniques to better support in their caring role. The members are regularly made aware of their rights as carers. They also celebrate various religious festivals throughout the year.

milan 2

The group session includes: 

 10.15am-10.45am  Yoga/Light Exercise

 11.00am-12.00pm  Speakers

 12.00pm-12.30pm  Refreshments and one-to-one talks with speakers if required

If you require any further information about the group please contact

Varsha Thakrar - Information, Advice and Support Worker 

Carers’ Centre, Central Library, Smithford Way, Coventry CV1 1FY

Telephone 024 – 76101040 option 3

Download the leaflet to find out more about other Carer Support Groups 

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