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Young Carer Awareness Day

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26 January 2017 is a national day of recognition for the UK's 700,000 young carers

Did you know there are an estimated 5,000 young people in Coventry who help look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol?

Whilst young carers can be very proud of the role they undertake, the impact on their lives can be huge. Instead of seeing friends, enjoying hobbies and doing homework, children as young as 10 are cooking, cleaning, managing medication, shopping, looking after brothers and sisters. Young carers don’t always identify themselves as a carer because they see it as part of their everyday life and something they have always done.

So we are getting ready to launch new good practice guides in Coventry to help increase awareness for social care and health professionals and in schools so that more young carers can get the support they need at an early stage.  Keep an eye on the Council webpages for further information

Find out more about Young Carer Awareness Day on Carers Trust National Website

Learn more about young carers by completing our FREE E-Learning course - Young Carer Aware

"When I grow up ......"

Young Carers Project

This year’s theme for Young Carers' Awareness Day 2017 is ‘When I Grow Up’...

Many Young Carers are unable to achieve academically, which means they may end up having low aspirations in achieving their dream jobs or careers.

At Carers Trust Heart of England, we believe strongly every young carer should be given the opportunity to achieve to their full potential. That’s why we work with a wide range of professionals across Coventry in supporting and raising awareness of young carers, many of whom may be hidden.

Many Young Carers go unrecognised by their peers and teachers; our Education Worker delivers awareness raising assemblies/PSHE lessons to help inform ways to identify, and successfully support young carers to achieve their full academic potential, as well as to successfully implement the free National Young Carers' Award Scheme in Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

In addition there are opportunities for professionals, young carers and families to access information, advice and support. We have a Young Carers’ Family Information, Advice and Support Worker and a Young Adult Carers' Support Worker who provides one to one support sessions plus much more. We also have a dedicated youth club in the city centre named The Den run by our Activities Worker, which gives young carers a safe space outside of school to relax and engage in fun activities.

This Young Carers' Awareness Day, we want everybody to do something... Pick up one of our leaflets, pop in to the Central Library in the City Centre to see somebody at the Carers' Centre, speak to your GP or to your child’s school teacher about young carers. You may not realise it but you, your child, family member, a neighbour or a family friend could be a carer.

Knowledge is power, and only by learning about young carers and spreading the word can we support future generations of young carers achieve their dreams, and become what they want to be when they grow up without fear.

For more information about what we do visit our website

What young carers think about the support they receive from the children's social care

YC Quote

Sometimes young carers need that extra support and input from Children's social care. Finding out what young people want and where they might need extra support can take time. Specialist workers run group and one-to-one activites to help with this process and help young carers build in confidence and have the skills, knowledge and support they need to continue caring safely if this is what they want, whilst making sure they are not taking on responsibilities that are harmful or detrimental to them. 

Here are some of the comments from young carers who have received support in this way:

“If I can’t cope at home and I am stressed I like to be able to call you”.  Age 9

“You helped me learn more ways to play with my brother and helped me mix with other people like me”. Age 12

“I felt better when I told you what was going on at home” Age 8

“Coming to Young Carers makes me super happy” Age 7

“I love coming to Young Carers all the time, everyone is the same, we do the same stuff as each other at home. It makes you feel normal”  Aged 10

“It rewards me for a lot of hard work”    Age 12  

“Gives me time away from all the stuff going on and I make new friends who understand”   Age 9   

Thyme to Be

Thyme to Be

Garden Organic is offering family carers in Coventry and Warwickshire an opportunity to meet like-minded people, garden and learn new skills together in relaxing surroundings.

The ‘Thyme To Be’ project is giving carers the chance to grow, harvest and eat together.

Drop in at any time to the open day on Tuesday 21th February 2017 | 11am - 3pm

If you would like to attend or for more information, go to  or contact Colette Bond at | Phone: 024 7621 7747

Refreshments will be provided. Transport and replacement care can be provided by the Carers Trust Heart of England (limited availability).

Download the flyer

STOP pressure ulcers

Pressure Ulcers online tool

A new online learning tool is now available to support an ongoing city-wide campaign to reduce pressure ulcers.

Local health and social care organisations, in partnership with Coventry University have created the tool to inform and train people about pressure ulcers.

A pressure ulcer (sometimes called a bed sore or pressure sore) is when your skin and underlying tissue gets damaged by unrelieved pressure causing a painful sore.

Pressure ulcers are the most common cause of harm, particularly in the frail elderly but you don't have to be older to get one. In most cases they can be prevented by good basic care

The tool is aimed at carers and families and health and social care professionals alike. 

It provides:

  • Training and resource
  • Mini Quiz
  • Interactive graphics
  • Risk assessment tool
  • Tips on prevention and repositioning
  • Information on management of existing pressure ulcers

You can access the online tool and learn more about pressure ulcers and how to prevent them and the React to Red Skin Campaign by visiting the Carers webpages

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