Insight e-bulletin December 2016

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Insight e-bulletin December 2016

Information and statistics website 

The Coventry City Council information and statistics webpages have been in development recently to make information about the city easier to find and digest. Explore all that is available including Council performance reports and Facts about Coventry.

The Coventry Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) 2016

Read the Coventry JSNA

The Coventry JSNA pages and documents are one of the major collections of evidence to be found on the Facts about Coventry webpages. The JSNA looks at the current and future health and care needs of the local community.

Coventry amongst the biggest cities

Read a short report about the ranking of UK cities by size

Source: 2015 Mid-year population estimates by small areas and 'Major Towns and Cities', Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Using a definition of 'Major Towns and Cities' newly developed by the ONS Coventry is estimated to be the 11th largest city in the UK in terms of population size. In recent years Coventry's population has been growing faster than other cities and has moved up these rankings. 

Coventry Headline Statistics December 2016

Coventry Headline Statistics December 2016 - This is a short document that collates up-to-date key figures that give a picture of Coventry and its residents.

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