Insight e-bulletin September 2016

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Insight e-bulletin September 2016

Coventry City Centre healthcheck report

Source: Insight, Coventry City Council

The city centre healthcheck includes various key performance indicators measured over the first half of 2016, click on the link above to read the report. 

Some of the key messages include: overall footfall is down but better than national trends and evening footfall is up; the number of empty shops has gone up in the first half of the year but at a lower level than the same time last year; car parking has increased; visits to the tourism website are up. 

Public Health England - Coventry insights

Source: Public Health England

Public Health England have published new resources to help understanding of all the factors that contribute to public health in Coventry, including health specific statistics alongside contextual data. One of the documents above gives an at-a-glance Coventry overview from the Public Health Outcomes Framework – visit the website to view live figures and interact with the data. Some of the key points about health that are highlighted:

  • Life expectancy at birth, at age 65 and healthy life expectancy at birth are all lower in Coventry compared to the England averages - with the exception of female healthy life expectancy at birth which is in line with the England average.
  • The rate of conceptions to girls aged under 18 in Coventry is higher than the England average – although it is coming down.
  • Coventry has a higher rate of hospital admissions caused by unintentional and deliberate injuries in children aged 0-14 years compared to the England average.
  • People in Coventry have lower self-reported anxiety rates compared to the England average.

Coventry Headline Statistics September 2016

Source: Insight, Coventry City Council 

Click on the link above to get an up to date view of all the key statistics collected about Coventry and its residents. 

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