Scam Alert - 17th April 2023


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Clickbait ads on Facebook pages

Watch out for Facebook pages that are using simple games or number puzzles to bait users into engaging with their posts so they can be lured into sharing their personal and/or financial information via private messaging, or a fake website.

Your data is gold to fraudsters and there's a lot of these "clickbait" posts around. In fact, one of our eagle-eyed Cambridgeshire residents has just shared one she's spotted on local Facebook groups (see below) where the user is asked to "spot the number" in an image and offered a cash prize.

The scammers ask you to private message (whether you give the right answer or not) to see if you have won the prize (there is no prize, of course). If you do question them, they might claim that they're issuing the prize money on behalf of a reputable company like Aldi, but we know organisations like that (or their employees) wouldn't operate like this.

As always, if it is too good to be true, it usually is. Report fake Facebook ads here: How to report an ad | Meta Business Help Center (

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