Broxtowe Waste and Recycling Christmas Collections

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17th December 2020

Warm Festive Wishes to You!

Christmas Bin Collections

The Christmas and New Year collection calendar dates may be different to your usual collection dates. In this grid, you can see normal collection dates next to the new collection dates for these during the seasonal period.  

The grid below shows the new collection dates under the heading 'Will be collected on'. 

Christmas Collections graphic showing date changes for bin collections

You can view the Christmas dates in full on the Broxtowe Christmas Waste and Recycling Collections webpage. 

Christmas Waste and Recycling Collections Webpage 

Non-recyclable Items 

Here are some festive items you can't put in your recycle bin...

Christmas crackers, shiny, glittery or metallic wrapping paper, shiny, glittery or metallic cards and also batteries. There are some items such as electrical items that can be taken to your local recycling centre. Please check the Nottinghamshire Recycle Centres website for more information. 

Nottinghamshire Recycle Centres

Do not put these items in the recycle bin

Mince pie (or any pie) foil wrappers and plastic food trays (including takeaway boxes) can't be put in your recycling bin and have to go into your waste bin instead.

Items not to put in the recycle bin

Tinsel, fairy lights and CDs or DVDs can't be put in the recycling bin either. Some electricals such as fairy lights can be taken to recycling centres so please check these as an option, online, before taking them.

Items that do not go into the recycle bin

What is Recyclable in Broxtowe?

Recycle list for Broxtowe

This Christmas you can make a difference to our environment by recycling as much as possible.  

Recycle your real Christmas Tree


Residents who have subscribed to the garden waste subscription can also recycle their real Christmas trees through the brown bin scheme. Please see our website for further information.

Christmas Recycling

If your tree is a real tree and potted, you may even want to put it in your garden, after Christmas, still in the pot, so it can live until next Christmas and be decorated again!

Reducing Food Waste

Leftovers Curry

Christmas is a great time to indulge in festive meals and treats.  We can all play a part in reducing food waste this season by following leftover recipes or keeping leftover meals for the next day. 

Veolia have a great selection of recipes using leftovers, to try.

Veolia Leftover Recipes

For more tips on how to reduce food waste, also see the Love Food, Hate Waste webpage for ideas. 

Love Food, Hate Waste 

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