November Waste and Recycling Bulletin

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November 2020

November Waste and Recycling

Reduce Waste this Christmas

During this festive season, we can often overlook the importance of recycling and have seen levels of waste increase. Each year our waste increases.

Here are the tonnages from last 4 years:

December 2017 – 1,765 tonnes

December 2018 – 1,860 tonnes

December 2019 – 1,974 tonnes

As you can see, each year waste is increasing.  Can you help bring the waste down and recycle more recyclable items this Christmas?

A-Z Guide


Christmas Shopping

No doubt some of you are super organised and have everything sorted already! But for the rest of us, here are some tips to have an environmental Christmas.

  • Shop local – You can walk or cycle to a local shop (that offers a click and collect). This also supports local businesses who have worked tirelessly to provide Covid-19 safe shopping experiences.
  • Are you creative, can you make things from items within the house that would usually end up as waste? Consider searching on social media platforms for inspiration such as Pinterest. 
  • Sending an E-card is environmentally friendly or creating your own card at home. 


Scrunch test can help you recycle

Don't forget to recycle your Christmas wrapping paper (except the shiny and metallic paper) and cards into your green-lidded recycling bin. You can do the "scrunch test" - if the wrapping paper scrunches up, it can be recycled. 

Wrapping paper test

Another Free Bulky Waste Week Coming Soon!

If you missed out on the popular free Bulky waste week this time, there will be another opportunity to book on for a week in January.  Look out for an email bulletin with the dates and times of when you can book on. 

New life for chocolate tubs and tins

Toy Box

The tubs and tins are popular this time of year! Unfortunately, these cannot be processed for recycling in Broxtowe. However, these boxes and tins can be reused again for purposes such as storage of items, baked cakes, cookies and remade gift boxes. 

These are a few ideas; we encourage you to share your ideas on how you can reuse these with your friends, family and neighbours.

A member of our waste and recycling team has turned an old chocolates tub into a great storage box for their superhero figures! By decorating a paper plate and sticking it on the top, a box that would usually end up in waste has a new life as a storage box! Something, simply and fun and providing a tidy storage of toys. 

What can you recycle this Christmas?

Here are some common items you can recycle and where you can recycle them:


Recycle Bin 


Shower gel/ shampoo bottles



Electrical Items (WEE)


Local recycle centre 

Juice cartons (Tetra Pak)


Local recycle sites 





Plastic bottles




Glass jars and bottles


Glass bag/Red lid bin 



Look out for battery banks in supermarkets



Charity shops, if reusable, clothes banks around the borough.


We have details on recycling centres and bring sites on our website. You can bring items such as Tetra Pak and textiles, old shoes and books to the bring sites as listed.  

Recycle Centres and Bring Sites

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