Clean Air Zone Updated Information - 60 days to go!

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Clean Air one header 26 September launch day

Clean Air Zone - Are you ready?

There are only 60 days to go until the Bradford Clean Air Zone is live on Monday, 26 September 2022.

Why is clean air important?

High levels of air pollution harm the health of children in Bradford. Forty percent of Bradford’s schools are located within the CAZ, and BiB estimate that there could be a 30% reduction in dangerous pollutants around schools as a result of the CAZ. Their findings show that families are keen for pollution to be tackled to clean up the air Bradford children breathe.

Bradford Council are proud to be in partnership with Born in Bradford (BiB) who are conducting a study is to evaluate the impact of a Clean Air Zone on air quality, health and health inequalities in the city of Bradford.

Evidence from the ground-breaking Born in Bradford (BiB) research study, which tracks the lives of more than 30,000 Bradfordians, has found clear evidence of the harm of traffic-related air pollution on children’s brain development.

They found that children who lived nearer busy roads with high levels of air pollution performed worse on the tests than those living in less polluted areas. Living near green space, for example, parks or recreational facilities, was linked to better performance, and that this was due to the reduced pollution on those areas.

A survey carried out by BiB with over 1,100 Bradford families with school-aged children found only 15% thought the air quality in Bradford was good. There was widespread support for the CAZ with 71% in favour and 66% reporting that they thought the CAZ would improve the health of their family and community.

Professor John Wright, Director of the Bradford Institute for Health Research, part of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is passionate about improving the health of everyone in our District. In the video below he explains the implications that poor air quality has on our health and why a Clean Air Zone is one of the most effective ways of cleaning our air.

John Wright Air Quality Video

Bradford CAZ what do I need to do?

The most important thing to do is find out if your vehicle will be charged for driving into the Bradford Clean Air Zone. You can use the government website, to check whether charges will apply to your vehicle in Bradford and other Zones. If you’re a business or organisation, you can check multiple vehicles.

Don't forget if you are a Bradford business or resident you may be entitled to an exemption to paying the daily CAZ charge. You can find out about exemptions here. A local exemption does not apply until is has been registered with and confirmed by Bradford Council.

CAZ Business set up account

Set up an account – available now

You can set up a business user account to manage and process payments on the Drive in a clean air zone portal at to help you check multiple vehicles, assign account managers and set up a Bank Mandate. 

To create an account you’ll need your company name, an email address and upload a CSV file of your vehicle registration numbers.

Businesses with an account can now set up a Bank Payment Mandate to pay their Bradford CAZ charges.

What help is available?

You can find out more information on our website about local and national exemptions, and grants that are available to Bradford businesses.

Clean Air Zone links and information

All information regarding the Bradford CAZ, including information about grants and exemptions, can be found on the Breathe Better Bradford website.

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Clean Air Zone enquiries: 01274 435533 or complete the online form

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