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Clean Air Zone - Bradford Council Suppliers

Bradford Council is dedicated to improving air quality in our District. We hope that you will join us on our journey and use your cleanest your vehicles when working in Bradford.

Bradford Clean Air Zone will be live 26 September 2022

Bradford Council has been directed by Government to implement a CAZ to achieve compliance with legal limits for air quality. While the Council has put forward alternatives to a CAZ, the Government has instructed the Council that a charging CAZ is the only way that the district can comply with the direction in the shortest possible timeframe.

A Clean Air Zone is a defined area where targeted action is taken to improve air quality.

Through the use of a daily charge for entering the zone, the Council will encourage affected vehicle owners to consider upgrading their vehicles to compliant standards. Bradford will be a Class C+ Clean Air Zone which means there will be charges for all non-compliant vehicle types with the exception of passenger cars (not including private hire cars which will be subject to the daily charge if not compliant).

You can read more about the Clean Air Zone here

As a Bradford Council Supplier what do I need to do?

To prepare for the launch of the CAZ on the 26 September 2022 you can check your vehicle on the Government website:

This will let you know if your vehicle will be charged for driving in any of the UK Clean Air Zones including Bradford.

  • Passenger cars and motorbikes will not be charged for entering the Bradford Clean Air Zone. It doesn’t matter if you live outside the Bradford District or if you use your vehicle for work purposes.
  • HGVs, coaches, buses, LGV, minibuses, hackney carriage and private hire vehicles are liable for the charge if they are not compliant with the Clean Air Zone vehicle standard.

For many businesses, upgrading to a compliant vehicle could be a cost-effective alternative to paying the charge, in Bradford and in other Clean Air Zones. We would encourage you to make sensible travel choices. If you have a compliant vehicle to use then this will not be charged to drive in the Bradford Clean Air Zone.

The table below outlines the compliance requirements for each vehicle type and also the charge for a non-compliant vehicle.

CAZ Compliance requirements

Bradford based businesses

Bradford businesses, are eligible for up to 3 vehicles being exempt so most businesses, as long as they apply, won’t have to pay. This includes self–employed and sole traders. They are also eligible for grants to help them upgrade. Find out more about local exemptions on our website 

There are still opportunities for Bradford businesses to apply for a grant to support the replacement or retrofit of non-compliant vehicles to clean air zone standards and to assist with the ongoing running costs of electric vehicles. The window for the HGV and Buses has now closed but there is still some funding available for taxis, LGV and minibuses available on a first come first serve basis. Find our more on our website.

Exemptions for businesses outside the District

There are national exemptions which will be automatically applied to the Bradford Clean Air Zone as they are applied in every Clean Air Zone across the country.

You do not have to pay a charge, if you have:

  • a vehicle that’s ultra-low emission
  • a disabled passenger tax class vehicle
  • a disabled tax class vehicle
  • a military vehicle
  • a historic vehicle
  • a vehicle retrofitted with technology accredited by the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)
  • certain types of agricultural vehicles

Exemptions are also available for certain vehicle operators based outside of the Bradford District such as for education, charity and work of social value as well as for specialist vehicles such as gritters, cranes and recovery trucks.

The table below highlights the exemptions that can be applied for if your business is based outside the Bradford District.

Exemptions outside the district

Set up an account – available now

You can set up a business user account to manage and process payments on the Drive in a clean air zone portal at to help you check multiple vehicles, assign account managers and set up a Bank Mandate. 

To create an account you’ll need your company name, an email address and upload a CSV file of your vehicle registration numbers.

Businesses with an account can now set up a Bank Payment Mandate to pay their Bradford CAZ charges.

CAZ Set up Bank Mandate

What next?

If you are unsure if you will be charged to drive in the Bradford Clean Air Zone call our Clean Air Zone team who will be happy to provide you factual information about the status of your vehicle and will let you know if you are eligible to apply for an exemption. Tel:  01274 435533.

Check your vehicle online

Using the government’s GOV.UK’s vehicle checker, you will be able to check whether charges will apply to your vehicle using your registration number. If you’re a business or organisation, you can check multiple vehicles.

Clean Air Zone links and information

All information regarding the Bradford CAZ, including information about grants and exemptions, can be found on the Breathe Better Bradford website.

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Clean Air Zone enquiries: 01274 435533 or complete the online form

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