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city of bradford metropolitan district council

Weekly news update - 31 July 2020

Follow the necessary measures to avoid lockdown

We are urging local people to follow the new restrictions that the government announced on Thursday night for a number of areas in the North West of England and parts of West Yorkshire.

The measures have been introduced because coronavirus rates have been rising. 

What this means for residents in our district is that you must not:

  • meet people you do not live with inside a private home or garden, except where you have formed a support bubble (or for other limited exemptions to be specified in law)
  • visit someone else’s home or garden even if they live outside of the affected areas
  • socialise with people you do not live with in other indoor public venues, except where you are in a support bubble with people

Read the full updated guidelines on our website.

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Bradford Council Leader calls for a joint effort

Bradford Council Leader, Susan Hinchcliffe has called for a joint effort to beat Covid, saying:

"It’s with real sadness that I see that some people are using the local restrictions around COVID to promote division and disharmony. Let’s not play the blame game in the Bradford district. We’re better than that. The virus hits those people in poverty most, those people who live in densely populated urban areas, people who are on zero hours contracts who have to go out to work every day, those elderly people who are being cared for by their relatives in their own house. These are not people to blame, they are people we should be thanking as key workers, as people who have served the district well and as people who keep the district going now."

Read the full statement by Susan Hinchcliffe on our website.

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New Self-isolation Guidance

Anyone with coronavirus symptoms must self-isolate for 10 days following new guidance from the Government.

The advice has changed for those who have symptoms of coronavirus, tested positive for coronavirus or believe they may have had contact with the virus.

These changes will help provide additional protection to others in the community. This is particularly important to protect those who have been shielding and in advance of the autumn and winter when we may see increases in the number of infections.

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Flying the flag for Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Rose

We are encouraging you to fly the flag for Yorkshire Day on 1 August and celebrate ‘God’s own county’ and all the things the district still has to offer within the limits of social distancing.

We have been marking the day it in a number of ways. Ian McMillan has also kindly performed a poem called Proper Yorkshire, written by the team at NHS Bradford District and Craven.

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Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

We would like to wish Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating in Bradford District this weekend.

Although celebrations will be different this time due to social distancing restrictions in place, we hope you're still able to enjoy the weekend and celebrate safely with family and friends.

Covid Loan and Save Account

We have funded and launched a new initiative through the Bradford and District Credit Union, to provide financial support to the district’s workers struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak is a challenging time for everyone with a significant impact on much of the workforce.

To help, the government introduced the ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’ for employed staff and the ’Self-Employment Income Support Scheme’ for the self-employed, providing furloughed and self-employed workers 80 per cent of their wages up to £2,500 a month.

While the scheme has been extended until October, the amount of wages covered is reducing resulting in many workers experiencing a gap in income or facing redundancy.

To help cover the shortfall, Bradford Council is working in partnership with Bradford District Credit Union (BDCU) to launch the new ‘Covid Loan & Save Account’.

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Babies and children under three should not be wearing a face covering

update on face coverings

Babies and children under the age of three should not be wearing face coverings.

We are concerned that it appears that some face coverings are being promoted as baby masks.

Government guidelines in England are that children under 3 years should not wear a mask. There are risks associated with babies and small children wearing masks that may increase the risk of suffocation and other hazards.

Children under 11 years old are exempt from guidelines on the use of face coverings in shops and public transport. Where children choose to wear a face covering it should be under the supervision of adult at all times.

You can find further advice on our Public Health Early Years guidance for families page.

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Avoid car sharing due to coronavirus risk

We are strongly advising you to only car share with people within your household or support bubble.

There is an increased risk of passing on the virus in enclosed spaces, which include the inside of a car or van, which means extra care needs to be taken when sharing vehicles.

Anyone looking to return to work is asked to consider walking or cycling if they can before either driving themselves or taking public transport to reduce the pressure on the road network.

You are also advised to plan your journey taking into account any changes to city or town centres due to coronavirus.

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Careers and Technical Education awards recognise students and business

The Bradford district Careers and Technical Education Partnership recognised the brightest and best through its annual awards. The awards celebrate the achievements of pupils from primary and secondary schools up to college and university level in career learning.

A panel of local employers picked the winners. A total of 48 young people were recognised across eight categories. The awards included outstanding student of the year in business, the built environment, creative industries, health and social care, manufacturing and computing science and environmental technologies. They also celebrated young people who had exemplified transferable essential skills that will help them transition more easily into the world of work. Winners came from Bradford College, Shipley College, Hanson School and Lapage Primary School.

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