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Safeguarding Update - Feb 18

Bradford to launch neglect strategy

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Bradford Safeguarding Children Board will launch its new neglect strategy along with its multi-agency protocol for pre-birth assessments and interventions on the 1 February. 

Neglect remains a key priority for all of us, regardless of our role. It is everyone’s responsibility to recognise and intervene to reduce the impact on neglect on children in line with our thresholds policy.

The Board (BSCB) has a responsibility for:

  • setting the procedural framework for all partnership work to keep children safe within Bradford
  • fulfilling its statutory responsibility for ensuring that staff receive multi-agency training to support them in their work
  • ensuring that agencies are held to account for their work and that there is a learning and improvement framework in place to ensure that serious case reviews and other challenge and learning processes are effective. 

How have we developed the strategy?

The safeguarding and professional practice sub-group has oversight for the review and development of policies and procedures.

This group has worked on three very important pieces of work in recent months namely the neglect strategy, the multi-agency protocol for pre-birth assessments and Interventions and the resolving professional disagreement and escalation policy.  

All the strategies take account of the considerable learning from cases in Bradford, where we have recognised a need to improve the ways in we look after our children and these documents provide a sound basis to work together more effectively in the future. 

Learning events

We will be organising a range of learning events to raise awareness and understanding about neglect and professional challenge. Details of these events are available from the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board. 

A social work manager and safeguarding midwife will be visiting front line practitioner team meetings to launch the multi-agency protocol for pre-birth assessments and Interventions protocol. Any queries please contact (Children Services Team Manager).

Resolving professional disagreements

Our resolving professional disagreement and escalation policy is now live. Bradford has developed an evidence log which accompanies the policy. This allows us to coordinate and understand the nature and number of challenges and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Any challenging agency should complete the form and send it to the BSCB. We all recognise that there are professional challenges every day, this is part of our commitment to protecting children. The evidence log should be used when these disagreements cannot be resolved and it has reached the level of Safeguarding leads in organisations. 

Find out more

All these documents are available on the BSCB website.  Please take some time to read these documents and share with colleagues.  Thank you for your continued support!