This Week in Performance Reporting: January 27, 2023

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This Week in Performance Reporting

Good afternoon, Performance Reporting bulletin members.

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What’s New in Performance Reporting

A–F Accountability

The agency has released cut scores and scaling resources for campuses registered for and evaluated under alternative education accountability (AEA) provisions. AEA cut scores and scaling resources for the 2023 A–F refresh are available on the 2023 Accountability Development webpage, including the Preliminary 2023 A–F Refresh Cut Scores and Scaling Resources document, which provides baseline data sources as well as 2023 scaled score lookup tables for domain and domain component scores.

Scaling Tool

In order to align letter grades and scores used in the A–F academic accountability system to the common conception of letter grades, raw domain and component scores are adjusted, or “scaled.”

Performance Reporting has updated the online scaling tool to assist with the conversion of 2023 raw domain and component scores to scaled scores. Please note, the graduation rate component does not use the scaling process. This component is scaled using a conversion table provided in the scaling tool. The methodology and formulas for scaling domains and components are provided in the Preliminary 2023 A–F Refresh Cut Scores and Scaling Resources document and will be published in Chapter 5 of the 2023 Accountability Manual that will be released later this spring.

Assessment Scoring and Reporting

December 2022 STAAR Administration

Results for the December 2022 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) administration will be available on the Family Portal on January 24, 2023. To learn how to locate access codes for families, refer to the How to Look Up Family Portal Access Codes in TIDE training video posted on the Family Portal Information page on the Texas Assessment website. In addition, a document, Helping Parents Access the Family Portal, which includes answers to frequently asked questions, has been posted on that same webpage.

Printed copies of the Confidential Student Labels for the December STAAR administration are being shipped to districts and are scheduled to arrive between January 30 and February 1, 2023, unless your district opted out of receiving the labels.

TELPAS Administration

  • System Checks to Prepare for Online Testing

District technology staff can begin performing system checks on testing devices beginning January 23, 2023. Any updates or patches applied to operating systems or software necessary for online testing require additional system checks. Technology changes, including the application of software patches, cannot be made during a test administration. District coordinators and technology staff should use the available resources and complete the tasks listed on the System Checks page in the District and Campus Coordinator Resources.

  • Creating Online Test Sessions

Beginning January 30, 2023, testing personnel can create test sessions for TELPAS in the Test Administrator Interface of the Test Delivery System (TDS). For instructions on how to create a test session, refer to the TDS User Guide or the How to Create Test Sessions training video in the District and Campus Coordinator Resources.

Spring 2023 STAAR Administration

  • Out-of-School and Out-of-District Examinee Registration

District personnel must register out-of-school (OOS) and out-of-district (OOD) examinees for the Spring 2023 STAAR administration between January 27 and February 8, 2023. The STAAR OOS and OOD Examinee Registration Form will be available on the Texas Assessment website under Other Testing Resources.

  • Test Administrator Manuals

Beginning January 23, 2023, district personnel will be able to view how many STAAR Test Administrator Manuals they will receive in the initial order shipment, which is scheduled to arrive between February 27 and March 3. Login to TIDE and select "STAAR TAMs, Paper Materials Management" from the Administration Task dropdown menu to view this information.

For questions or assistance regarding the information in this communication, contact Texas Testing Support at 833-601-8821,, or via live chat.

This Week’s FAQ

Why does the Highly Mobile student group not also include military connected students? 

The statewide average baseline data for military connected students are about twice as high as the baseline for the other High Focus student groups. Including military connected data would have affected targets by making them higher. As rates of military connected students may vary widely from district to district, excluding this data produced targets that are fair yet rigorous for all districts.

Performance Reporting Calendar

February: Updated 2023 A–F System Framework Release

April-May: What If Report (TEAL and Public Web) Release

April-May: Preliminary 2023 Accountability Manual Release

August 2023: Final 2023 Accountability Manual (All Chapters and Appendices) Release

September 2023: Accountability ratings under the refreshed system released