This Week in Performance Reporting: January 20, 2023

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This Week in Performance Reporting

Good afternoon, Performance Reporting bulletin members.

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What’s New in Performance Reporting

A–F Accountability

School Report Cards

The 2021–22 School Report Cards (SRC) are now available on the Texas Education Agency’s website at The SRC is intended to inform parents and guardians about a campus’s individual characteristics and its academic performance. To view item definitions, dissemination requirements, and sample letters that may be sent to parents, see the To the Administrator Addressed letter.

Assessment Scoring and Reporting

Tide Update

On January 20, 2023, the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) will be updated to include additional information. In the Paper Test Format field for STAAR mathematics, reading language arts, and science, districts will see options for Spanish Regular Print Embedded Supports and Spanish Large Print Embedded Supports.

STAAR Redesign Practice Tests

On January 18, 2023, additional practice tests for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) redesign will be available on the Practice Test Site that include American Sign Language (ASL) videos. These practice tests demonstrate how new item types will appear for students who use ASL.

Spring 2023 STAAR Administration

A second shipment of STAAR Test Administrator Manuals is scheduled to arrive in districts February 21–February 24, 2023. Districts must ensure all eligible students are entered in TIDE by the date indicated below to receive the appropriate number of manuals. As a reminder, for STAAR end-of-course (EOC) assessments, the two tasks below must be completed.

  • First-time testers must be registered in TIDE and have their Spring EOC Eligibility fields set to “Yes” by January 18
  • The retester file has been generated for all currently active students added prior to January 13. Both retester and eligibility flags were set for these students. A second pass will be completed January 19 to capture active students added between January 13 and January 18.

2023 STAAR Alternate 2 Administration

Test booklet form assignments for STAAR Alternate 2 will be available for review in TIDE beginning January 24, 2023. To view form assignments for your district, eligible students must have been registered in TIDE by January 6. Districts will receive their initial shipment of STAAR Alternate 2 secure paper test materials February 27March 3.

STAAR Interim Assessment 

As a reminder, STAAR Interim Assessments are secure tests as indicated in the Security section of the District and Campus Coordinator Resources. Based on educator feedback, the STAAR Interim Assessments Educator Guide and the STAAR Interim Assessments webpage were updated to emphasize that these test items are secure. Educators are able to view test items in the Centralized Reporting System (CRS); however, items in CRS are secure until they are publicly released. Therefore, secure test items in CRS should NOT be download or printed.

TTAP Opportunity 2

Opportunity 2 for the Texas Through-year Assessment Pilot (TTAP) is scheduled for January 30–February 3, 2023, for participating districts and campuses. Testing personnel can now create test sessions for this testing window. For more information on how to create test sessions, refer to the Test Delivery System (TDS) User Guide.

Reporting Files Naming Conventions

Based on feedback from educators, a document detailing the naming conventions districts can expect when receiving various reporting files will be posted on the Technology Resources page of the Texas Assessment website later this week. This document is intended to assist districts in appropriately identifying the correct reporting files for each administration.

For questions or assistance regarding the information in this communication, contact Texas Testing Support at 833-601-8821,, or via live chat.

This Week’s FAQ

The January Updates to Preliminary A–F Framework describes limiting the percentage of graduates who only meet CCMR criteria via a sunsetting IBC to five graduates, or
20 percent, of graduates, whichever is higher. Does this mean a 20 percent cap on the total sunsetting IBCs earned? 

The agency proposes limiting the percentage of graduates who only meet CCMR criteria via a sunsetting IBCs to five graduates or 20 percent of the total annual graduates, whichever is higher. 

Example: Texas High School has 200 annual graduates. 50 graduates earned ONLY a sunsetting IBC as their CCMR credit. With the limit, Texas High School would receive credit for 40 of these graduates (20 percent of the total annual graduates), and ten of these graduates would not generate CCMR credit. This limit would be applied within Student Achievement and School Progress, Part B: Relative Performance and would not be applied within Closing the Gaps. 

Performance Reporting Calendar

February: Updated 2023 A–F System Framework Release

April-May: What If Report (TEAL and Public Web) Release

April-May: Preliminary 2023 Accountability Manual Release

August 2023: Final 2023 Accountability Manual (All Chapters and Appendices) Release

September 2023: Accountability ratings under the refreshed system released