Lone Star Governance Newsletter: November 2022

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November 2022

Lone Star Governance

Classroom with whiteboard saying "Student outcomes don't change until adult behaviors change. Starting with me."

This month in Lone Star Governance

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Welcome to This Month in Lone Star Governance. These emails highlight current events in the LSG initiative, answer frequently asked questions, and celebrate LSG successes from around the state. If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in an edition of This Month in Lone Star Governance, please let us know by emailing lsg@tea.texas.gov.

If you missed a previous issue of This Month in Lone Star Governance, you can get it on the TEA website here.

Local Accountability System

Now is the perfect time to explore the local accountability system and learn how your district can develop a plan using your existing priorities and data! Districts may use the 2022–23 school year to develop a plan for approval and application to 2023 accountability year or develop a plan for application to the 2023–24 school year.

Districts wishing to learn more about the local accountability system and how to develop a district local accountability plan can participate in a 45-minute overview webinar with time for Q & A. To register for a webinar, please visit our Webinar Schedule page.

Also, please visit our website to see sample components and explore this opportunity to combine state accountability ratings with your local accountability ratings. Our Local Accountability System Guide provides a complete description of the Local Accountability System and its requirements.

2023–24 Exemplar Cohort

The data is clear: good governance relates to higher student performance. The LSG Exemplar Cohort is a one-year program designed to unleash the strategic impact of your board-superintendent team. By the end of your yearlong LSG experience, your governance team will have mastered connecting the dots from mindset to vision, goals, and progress monitoring, leading to improved student outcomes.

More information on the Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohorts is available on the LSG Exemplar Cohort page.

The opportunity to submit your letter of interest for the Lone Star Governance (LSG) Exemplar Cohort for the 2023–24 school year is fast approaching. Look for an announcement coming soon.

Coming Attractions

We are excited about all that we have planned for 2023.

In addition to the new Exemplar Cohort, we have a full complement of training opportunities.

We have scheduled Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes (EISO) Training-of-Trainers for January, February, May, June, September, and October.

We have scheduled Knowledge and Skills Training for March, July, and November.

We have scheduled Mindset Training for April, August, and December.

For more information about each of these training opportunities, please visit the LSG homepage. Registration links will be available soon.

This Month's Frequently Asked Question

We have heard that sitting board members had until September 30, 2022, to complete the new school safety training. By when must newly elected board members complete the training?

Newly elected trustees who did not complete the training prior to their election have 120 days from the date of their election or appointment to complete the training.

The new online school safety training is available on TEA Learn at this link: SBOE School Safety Training

Trustees who complete the training receive a certificate of completion from TEA Learn. School districts must maintain verification of completion of the school safety training for each of their trustees.

For TEA Learn technical support, please use this link: TEA Learn Technical Support

If you have questions about the training, please contact a member of the TEA governance team at (512) 936-1533 or via email at schoolgovernance@tea.texas.gov.

Coming in December

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