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October 7, 2022

Texas Career and Technical Education (CTE) News

Regional Program of Study Proposals

LEAs or ESCs interested in proposing a new Regional Program of Study or adopting an existing Regional Program of Study currently approved in other regions should submit a proposal by November 1, 2022, to CTE@tea.texas.gov.

Proposals must include:

  1. Name of Regional Program of Study
  2. CTE courses included in Regional Program of Study
  3. In-demand regional occupations that justify the labor market alignment to the Regional Program of Study

If you are requesting approval to implement an existing Regional Program of Study that is currently approved in other regions, only the courses listed in the approved Regional Program of Study can be used in the proposal.

TEA CTE Specialists will review and respond to proposals on a rolling basis. If the proposal is approved, an application with additional required information will be provided. The due date for the completed application is November 7, 2022. One completed application in an ESC region permits all LEAs in that ESC region to use the Regional Program of Study. LEAs should collaborate with their ESC CTE Specialist on Regional Program of Study proposals to avoid duplication of efforts. 

CTE Summer Grant

The College, Career, and Military Preparation Division has released a grant opportunity for Summer 2023 on the TEA Grant Opportunities webpage. The CTE Summer Grant will support districts in offering students greater access to career preparation through Career and Technical Education program course offerings and work-based learning experiences. The grant will promote the development, implementation, and adoption of high-quality programs of study and work-based learning aligned to labor market demand. Applications will be accepted through November 16, 2022. Interested LEAs may attend an informational webinar on October 12, 2022, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm here or watch a recording of the webinar which will be available on the TEA Grant Opportunities site. Please email CTE@TEA.Texas.gov if you have any questions.

District Waiver for CTE Instructional Minutes Calculation Requirement

Districts that have implemented a 4-day school week may request a waiver to complete an alternate calculation to arrive at the total annual required CTE instructional time of 8,000 minutes for the 2022-23 school year. The deadline for the submission is December 30, 2022. For further guidance on completing the waiver request, please click on this link: CTE Instructional Minutes Calculation Requirement Waiver.  

CTE Program of Study Mapping Application

The TEA CTE Team has released a second iteration of the mapping application for programs of study.  A new layer has been added that displays 2020-21 autocoding data for CTE Learners. Please share with your industry stakeholders to encourage work-based learning opportunities. See the instructions tab in the interface to learn more about the data displayed.

We are now recruiting Proclamation 2024 State Review Panel (SRP) Members

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) needs volunteers to review materials under Proclamation 2024 (Science, Technology Applications, several Career and Technical Education courses, and Personal Financial Literacy and Economics). Teachers, administrators, parents, business community members, and others with appropriate content knowledge are welcome. Please consider joining us—or nominating someone else to join us for the Proclamation 2024 state review panel (SRP) by submitting a Proclamation 2024 SRP Application. Proclamation 2024 was amended to adjust the timeline at the September State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting. The amended proclamation is available on the Proclamations webpage. 

US Air Force AIM HIGH Flight Academy Scholarship Opportunity

The US Air Force has announced a summer opportunity for students interested in aviation. The AIM HIGH Flight Academy Scholarship is a 3-week all-expense paid program that includes 15 flight hours of training at an Air Force partnered university. Participating students will live, dine, and learn to fly at a university campus. Applications are open through November 30, 2022. This opportunity is available to students between the ages of 16-18 in any career cluster. Click here to learn more about this free program and download the flyer to share with your students.


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