October 12, 2021: Texas Educator Preparation Programs Newsletter

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October 12, 2021

Texas Educator Preparation Programs Newsletter

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“Hello literally everyone” - Twitter 

This past week, we saw two major social media sites have some hardshipsMillions of users were unable to access their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and you saw a wide array of responses. For me, the lesson came from Twitter, who saw their opportunity to reclaim users lost to other sites and capitalize on the fact that their competitors were out for the moment. As we continue our work this week, do not dwell on the failures and unsuccessful moments, but be a “Twitter and find creative ways to capitalize on and learn from them. 

Our goal is for the newsletter to serve as a support by compiling the most up-to-date information concerning what you need to know that impacts your candidates in the coming weeks. Please thoroughly read all the sections for reminders, upcoming events, to dos, and FAQs.   

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Upcoming Events

New Event: Insight to Impact Dashboards Update Webinar
 This webinar will provide an update about the ongoing EPP dashboard project.
Event Date: 
Wednesday, October 20
Click here to register.
Event Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST 

Event: ELAR 7-12 Redesigned Exam (331) Framework Overview Webinar 
Description: This webinar will guide participants through the redesigned English Language Arts and Reading 7-12 Redesigned Exam (331) Framework.
Event Date: Thursday, October 21 (Join here) 
Registration is not required.  
Event Time1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. CST

Upcoming Deadlines

New Topic: Last Administration Date for TExES #117 & TExES #291 Exams
Action Item: 
Share deadline information with candidates and encourage early exam registration. 
Due Date: Last administered December 31, 2021

New Topic: Test-Limit Waiver
Action Item: 
Last date to submit waiver applications for Core Subjects EC-6 (291) & ELAR 4-8 (117) - if applicable for the candidate 
Due Date: December 1, 2021

Table Of Contents

EPP Points of Contact

Your best source for information and support at the TEA.   

As an EPP, your main point of contact is your Education Specialist.   

  • To view a list of EPPs and their associated Education Specialist, please click here.   
  • For easiest assistance, file a HelpDesk Ticket.  

Educator Preparation Program Support

Updates related to Educator Preparation Program Management

New: EPP ASEP Fee Invoices 
On Friday, 10/15, TEA will be distributing invoices for the ASEP Technology Fee for 2020-2021 to EPPs. This fee is assessed for each candidate who was admitted to your educator preparation program during the 2020-2021 academic year. The number of candidates is taken from the number of individuals reported as admitted by your educator preparation program in ECOS 

The invoice will include payment information, including information about how to pay using ACH or how to submit a payment by mail. Credit cards are not accepted.  

TEA will send invoices to the EPP Legal Authority. Payment is due 30 days after receipt. Additional information about the ASEP Technology Fee is located in the Texas Administrative Code at 19 TAC §229.9. 

New: EPP Insight to Impact Dashboards Update Webinar 
TEA will host a Zoom webinar on Wednesday, October 20 from 4:00-5:00 PM CST. During this webinar, we look forward to sharing updates about the Insight to Impact dashboard project, along with future plansWe value your input and feedback and encourage you to join us for this informational session. Click here to register 

New: EPP Insight to Impact: Project Update At-a-Glance 
We recently completed our first proof of concept for the Insight to Impact Data Dashboards. Thanks to the hard work our EPP stakeholder focus group, we were able to create a first pass at visualizations for Insight to Impact. Click here to view a project update.  

Updated: Survey Data Distribution 
Last Monday, TEA distributed the principal survey, teacher survey, and student growth indicator data sets to EPPs. Some of the principal survey data sets contained duplicate entries for candidates. This was an artifact of our data processing to create individual data sets for EPPs. EPPs may disregard the duplicate rows. These duplicate rows are not included in the data used for dashboards or ASEP analysis. 

Continuing Approval Review Document Submission Guidance 
When submitting review documents to TEA using a secure ShareFile link, please follow the guidance below:  

(1) Zip/compress the folders being uploaded  

(2) Use a short and concise naming scheme for all folders and documents, and  

(3) Try to avoid using more than 3 subfolders.  

If the names of files and documents are too long, or if there are too many subfolders, TEA may be unable to successfully download and unzip the submitted materials. If you have any questions about this, contact your assigned review specialist. 

Certification Officer Training – Thank You! 
Thank you to those that were able to attend the 2-day virtual Certification Officer training. There were 140 attendeesTEA hopes you found the training to be helpful and enjoyed talking with other EPP staff members. We appreciate the feedback we received from the training surveyIt is useful when planning future training opportunities. TEA will provide the presentation slides and FAQ document to the attendees once it’s made available.


Educator Standards and Testing

Updates related to Educator Standards and Certification Testing   

New: ETS Seeking Constructed Response Scorers for PASL
ETS invites school leaders and preparation faculty to participate in the online scoring of the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL). This is an excellent opportunity for school leaders and preparation program faculty to become more familiar with this certification exam. Professionals who meet the criteria listed here are eligible to be scoring professionals (raters) for the PASL assessment.  

Candidates have until November 16, 2021, to register, reschedule, or cancel the PASL assessment. The deadline takes effect at 11:59 p.m. ET on the date indicated. 


Updates about SBEC, Rules, and Legislation

Updates related to actions by the State Board for Educator Certification, the State Board of Education, and the Legislature.   

October SBEC Meeting  
The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) meeting was held on Friday, October 1, 2021. The agenda from Friday’s meeting can be found here, and the recording here 



Every newsletter we take this space to highlight questions that we have heard from EPPs. 

Q: When filling out an application to request to add a new certificate category or class as an approved EPP, are we allowed to copy and paste TAC rules into the application to meet application requirements? 
AWhile an application must demonstrate that the intended program meets or exceeds all applicable requirements in TAC, applicants must complete the application using their own words. Copied and pasted TAC will not be accepted as responsive information in the application. 

TEA Updates

Additional updates on initiatives and opportunities from the TEA. 

Texas Covid Learning Acceleration Supports Grants:  
During late summer 2021, The Texas Education Agency launched the Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) grant, a set of funding and targeted supports available to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to accelerate student learning in the wake of COVID-19, utilizing state and federal funds. The TCLAS grant has provided LEAs the option to select up to ten unique decision points that support high leverage learning acceleration strategies:  

  • Strategic Planning   
  • High Quality Instructional Materials 
  • Teacher Pipelines 
  • Increased Student Learning Time 
  • Innovative School Models 

Overall, well over 700 LEAs were awarded grant funding to address these strategies, totaling over 1 billion dollars in LEA support. Within those 700 LEAs, 90+ LEAs were awarded Decision 5: Residency Supports, a component of the overall teacher pipeline strategy.  

The Decision 5 TCLAS grant supports districts in building high-quality, sustainable teacher residencies in partnership with one or more of the fifteen approved Vetted Teacher Residency ProgramsWith the grant, LEAs receive funding to support residents’ living stipends and residency implementation over the course of the Fall 2021- Spring 2024 grant cycle. The grant also provides technical assistance to develop innovative staffing models that reallocate existing district funds to sustain resident stipends and program supports beyond the lifetime of the grant. 

We want to additionally express gratitude to the vetted teacher residency programs who supported partner LEAs through the application and the launch of the grant. Their support has made this tremendous opportunity a reality for our LEAs! 


TEA is Hiring!

The Educator Data, Research, and Strategy EPCE team is hiring a senior analyst. This analyst leads the technical and analytical work completed by the EDRS-EPCE team. They are responsible for detailed analysis and extensive research using preparation and certification data. 

Click this link for more details

The EPCE Department Manager is a new role that will coordinate activities for the Educator Preparation, Certification and Enforcement Department at TEA including project management, stakeholder engagement, and executive-level administrative support for the EPCE Associate Commissioner. 

Click on this link for more details:

For More Information...

Information regarding educator certification testing can be accessed at the Texas Educator Certification Exam website.   

Information regarding the Science of Teaching Reading Exam can be accessed at tea.texas.gov/str.   

Information regarding edTPA 2020-2021 information opportunities can be accessed here.   

Information and updates regarding the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) can be accessed at the Important Updates link.   

Updated information related to the COVID-19 response can be accessed here.   

To view previous editions of the weekly newsletter, please see the Texas Educator Preparation Program Weekly Newsletter webpage.  

Lesson Study Gateway Resources

Practice based preparation resources for virtual field-based experience: Provides model lessons and video of instructional delivery.  

Texas Teach Like a Champion (TLAC)   

Practice based preparation resources for virtual field-based experience:  Provides content neutral pedagogical skill building through observing a model of and practicing the same high leverage skill.    

Texas TLAC One Pager for EPPs

Full scope and sequence of upcoming edTPA training opportunities.   

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