2020–2021 Near-final and 2021–2022 Preliminary SOF Reports

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2020–2021 near-final (NF) summary of finances (SOF) reports now incorporates:

  • Average Daily Attendance and FTEs from PEIMS summer submission*
  • Final 2020 certified district property values (DPV)
  • Tax collections from the Tax information Survey
  • Various Allotments:
    • Transportation data from the Route Services Report
    • Teacher Incentive Allotment
    • Mentor Program Allotment
    • CCMR Outcomes Bonus
    • Tuition allotment

*The ADA hold harmless and ESSER II offsets, if applicable, have been incorporated as published on the COVID 19 Support webpage, based on the methodology provided in the Student and Attendance FAQ: https://tea.texas.gov/sites/default/files/covid/SY-2020-21-Attendance-and-Enrollment.pdf.

A spreadsheet will be posted soon to the state funding webpage that can be used to reconcile your NF SOF reports based on the data/decisions reflected in the Student and Attendance FAQ.

Note: While we have incorporated the major elements/sources into the NF SOF reports, there are still 104 districts pending final certification of property values. We will continue to update the NF SOF reports until all pending adjustments are complete, including adjustments for VSN online schools, SB 1882 / SB 2117 campuses and charter school small and mid-sized allotments for students outside approved geographic boundaries.

2021–2022 preliminary summary of finances (SOF) reports now incorporates:

  • ADA and FTEs––attendance projections submitted by districts from December 2020
    • For charter schools, the SOF reports reflect charter estimates from the FSP system
  • Final 2020 DPV * 1.0184 and adjusted tax collections
  • Updated district payment classes (based on final 2020 DPV)
  • Various allotments, either based on the prior year or updated with new estimates, including:
    • Teacher Incentive Allotment
    • Mentor Program Allotment
    • CCMR Outcomes Bonus
    • IBC and College Prep Reimbursements
    • Transportation
  • Chapter 49 districts netting state aid
  • HB 1525 changes, including
    • G/T enrollment
    • Fast Growth allotment
    • CTE FTE tiers (same total as legislative estimates, parsed into tiers)

Note: While the FSP allocations reflect HB 1525 changes, the corresponding changes to the SOF reports will be forthcoming over the next few months.

Please contact (512) 463-9238 or email sfinance@tea.texas.gov with questions.