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July 2021

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From the SGS Team

TCLAS Summary

TCLAS info. published this week: Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) will offer LEAs funding and targeted supports. The streamlined TCLAS application will not require narratives. For a summary, see the June 30 webinar. (recording / slides) For details, see guidance document and funding calculator.

TCLAS will accelerate progress to your North Star Goal through:

  • Strategic Planning: strategic planning and performance management to prioritize, launch, and continuously improve learning acceleration strategies;
  • Instructional Materials: rigorous, high-quality instructional materials designed to make up ground and master grade level TEKS;
  • Teacher Pipelines: talent pipelines that support teachers to deliver excellence in the classroom, getting more than 1 year of growth in 1 year;
  • More Time: more time for the students in most need, including expanding instructional time in the summer and with targeted tutoring; and
  • Innovative School Models: innovative school models to incorporate all of the learning acceleration framework. (4 School Actions possible; schools eligible if rated C, D, or F on fall 2019 state ratings) 

Key dates:

  • July 12-15: Decision Point Webinars (registration links in dates & deadlines)
  • July 19: Qualtrics survey application opens
  • Aug. 20: Qualtrics survey application closes
  • Sept. 10: Preliminary award amount notification; LEAs begin to finalize their application through eGrants.
  • Oct. - Nov.: Grant negotiation process.
  • Dec. 1: NOGAs issued (this date is tentative)

SGS Summit: Thank you for attending the 5th Annual SGS Summit last week! Over 200 district leaders, strategic advisors, and leaders from other support organizations attended. We hope you enjoyed the learning and networking opportunities. By July 16, we will post recordings of the sessions to our Events webpage.

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American Flag

Happy Independence Day! 245 years ago, the American Founders set forth a fundamental principle to which we remain dedicated: "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, and among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." We hope that you enjoy the holiday with your family, friends, and neighbors!

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 Updates & Opportunities

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NACSA is hosting two events in July in its Unchartered Waters series to explore project management. Sessions include:

  • July 15: expert roundtable on project management of campus oversight,
  • July 22: bring your challenges on political mapping or change management and receive expert support.

The District Charter Alliance is hosting a networking event on July 27 - 28 for district, charter, non-profit, and university leaders to meet and learn more about 1882 parnterships in Texas. Register here.

DCA event


 Grants & Resources

The following grant opportunities may help districts provide the schools that students and families want and need. For more details on state grants, see the TEA Grant Opportunities Page.

2020-23 ESSER III: Applications due July 27. (FAQ)

2021-23 School Action Fund (Continuation): Applications due Aug. 10.

2021-2022 ESSA: Applications due Sept. 3.

Carl D. Perkins Technical Grant: The purpose of the Perkins grant is to develop the academic knowledge, technical, and employability skills of high school students in CTE programs. Applications due Sept. 3.

2020-22 ESSER II: Applications due Sept. 2.

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Network News

Ector County ISD's summer school participation has tripled since last year.

Principals in Midland and Ector County ISDs were selected for the 21-22 Opportunity Culture Fellowship.

Fort Worth ISD is scaling up their Parent University program.

Beaumont ISD, in partnership with ExxonMobil, is providing summer STEM kits.

San Antonio ISD board president Patti Radle has been succeeded by trustee Christina Martinez.

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Dates & Deadlines

July 12, 12pm: TCLAS Decision 1: Accelerated Learning Strategic Planning (register)

July 13, 9am: TCLAS Decision 4: Teacher Recruitment Support (register)

July 13, 10am: TCLAS Decision 5: Residency Program Support (register)

July 13, 2pm: TCLAS Decision 2: HQIM Core Approved Products (register)

July 14, 9am: TCLAS Decision 9: P-TECH (register)

July 14, 10am: TCLAS Decision 3: HQIM Supplemental Approved Products (register)

July 14, 11am: TCLAS Decision 8: Strong Summer Program (register)

July 14, 2pm: TCLAS Decision 6: Tutoring Supports (register)

July 15, 8am: TCLAS Decision 10: New School Models (register)

July 15, 11am: TCLAS Decision 7: School Day/Calendar Redesign (register)

July 15: NACSA's expert roundtable on project management of campus oversight (register)

July 22: NACSA's political mapping or change management problem of practice (register)

July 27-28: DCA Networking event (register)