Accessing 2021 Accountability Longitudinal Cohort and Dropout Information through TEAL

Texas Education Agency Updates



Information about the following is now available to districts through the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) Accountability application:

  • longitudinal graduation rates and longitudinal graduation, continuation, or TxCHSE rates;
  • longitudinal diploma program rates;
  • annual dropout rates; and
  • underreported student rates.


Summary reports, as well as corresponding lists of students, are provided for the rates listed above.



Please share the information provided in this email with your high school principals, PEIMS coordinators, and other relevant staff as they will not receive a separate copy of this information.


Access to the Accountability Application

Log onto TEAL at:


If you already have access to the Accountability application, you will see Accountability listed as one of the web applications available. Launching the Accountability application will take you into the site.


Superintendents who do not have TEAL access must request a TEAL username and password by selecting ‘Request New User Account’ at the link above. If you have forgotten your TEAL username or password, you can request your username or reset your password from this same link. There are additional instructions for requesting TEAL access and application access here:


Statement of Confidentiality

The Accountability application is intended for authorized district and ESC use only. Data on the Accountability application are not masked and are not presented in a way that protects student confidentiality. The data, therefore, should be handled in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


The Texas Education Agency also takes the position that the data provided at this stage of the accountability review process constitute "agency audit workpapers" and are not required to be disclosed under the Texas Public Information Act.



If you have questions about the use of this information in the state accountability system, please contact the Division of Performance Reporting at (512) 463-9704 or by email at


If you have questions about the list of students in the cohorts or the summary report for your district, please contact the Division of Research and Analysis at (512) 475-3523 or by email at


Contact Information

Texas Education Agency

Division of Research and Analysis

(512) 475-3523