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February 11, 2021

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From the Support Team

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Workshops: TEA facilitates bi-weekly workshops for district staff, and our January workshop focused on the annual Portfolio Planning process. Seventeen district leaders from 14 districts serving 350,000 students gathered to discuss how to use data to identify the right strategy at every campus, from ESF-aligned school improvement to bold school actions. Slides are available to download here.

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Thanks to the hard work of our district leaders, SGS Network districts are creating new processes to ensure all student shave access to a high quality, best fit school. Across the SGS Network:

  • 14 districts have completed a Quality Seats Analysis, which included data related to school performance and enrollment and demographic trends, and
  • 14 districts have also created an annual Portfolio Plan, which outlines the strategies used to dramatically improve student outcomes at each school.

Since 2017, SGS District have planned or executed 150 school actions, impacting over 80,000 Texas students.

One portfolio planning spotlight comes to us from Lubbock ISD, where CIO Dr. Lisa Ramirez continues to guide the board in their routine annual portfolio planning process. LISD is doing a great job of connecting their multi-year plans with their north star goal of 80% of students being in A or B seats by 2025. Slides available here; video here.

We're excited about what Network leaders have accomplished for students and look forward to the year ahead. We'll gather for our next Workshop on Mar. 2nd and 4th to assess needs and best practices on multi-year projects like enrollment, finance, authorizing, and talent pipelines.

The SGS Network is growing! It's now more important than ever to deliver the schools that families want and need, and the SGS Network helps districts achieve that goal. Seventeen districts have expressed interest in joining the Network so far and we're excited about this potential for growth.

Applications are due Tuesday, Mar. 9th. To learn more, interested districts can sign up for webinars on Feb. 12th or 19th. Email SGS@tea.texas.gov if your district would like to talk to our team about applying.

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 Updates & Opportunities

Texas Partnerships: The final operating partner performance contract webinar is Friday, Feb. 12th.


 Grants & Resources

The following grant opportunities may help districts provide the schools that students and families want and need. For more details on state grants, see the TEA Grant Opportunities Page.

The New School Venture Fund (NSVF) is opening a grant in March for innovative schools launching fall 2021. Benefits and groups highly encouraged to apply detailed in the link.

The Lone Star Governance Annual Board Cohort Letter of Interest is due Feb. 26th. Participation expenses reimbursed, up to $10,000 in year one.

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Network News

Edgewood ISD is partnering with two nonprofits to launch a new school and offer IB programming at two others.

Midland ISD's board hired Dr. Angelica Ramsey as the new Superintendent.

Grand Prairie ISD's 10th annual Experience helped over 8,000 parents choose their school.

Victoria ISD hosted an information session for families interested in P-TECH options.

Lubbock ISD's board approved implementation of two school actions to improve the quality of seats for over 700 students.

Longview ISD's Judson STEAM Academy, operated by LISD partner TCIS, was named as a Texas School to Watch.

Garland ISD is hiring an Executive Innovation Officer.

MAYA is hiring a Senior Consultant.

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Dates & Deadlines

Feb. 12: SGS Webinar #2

Feb. 12: Performance Contract Training #2

Feb. 19: SGS Webinar #3

Feb. 26: Lone Star Governance Letter of Interest due.

March 2nd, 4th: SGS Chief Innovation Officer Workshop 4

March 9: SGS applications due.

March: NSVF will release grant info. for schools opening fall 2021.