Lone Star Governance Newsletter: October 2020

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October 2020

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This Month in Lone Star Governance

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Welcome to This Month in Lone Star Governance. These emails will highlight current events in the LSG initiative, answer frequently asked questions, and celebrate LSG successes from around the state. If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in an edition of This Month in Lone Star Governance, please let us know by emailing lsg@tea.texas.gov.

If you missed a previous issue of This Month in Lone Star Governance, you can get it on the TEA website here.


News and Notes

After a six-month hiatus, we are excited to return to our monthly newsletter. The majority of this newsletter is dedicated to catching everyone up on recent events in Lone Star Governance and describing our plan for the next several months.


Monthly Spotlight: New LSG Leadership

Morris Lyon

As many of you are already aware, Drew Howard left the agency at the end of April this year to become the superintendent at Sweetwater ISD. Beginning July 1, Morris Lyon joined TEA as the new Senior Governance Advisor. Morris oversees Lone Star Governance, monitors and conservators, and the Blue Ribbon Schools program. 

Morris Lyon joined TEA after serving four years as superintendent at Hawkins ISD. He has been an educator since 1996, serving as an Agricultural Science teacher, coach, principal, and 14 years as superintendent at various school districts, including North Zulch ISD and Detroit ISD.

Morris was awarded Texas Rural Superintendent of the Year by the Texas Rural Education Association (TREA) in 2014 and is a TREA Past President. One of Morris' campuses recently received the 2019 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award for Closing the Achievement Gaps. Hawkins ISD was also highlighted on The Today Show for a community-based partnership between Hawkins ISD and Nestle Waters North America. Morris has led two school district's board of trustees to receive the TREA school board of the year award in 2015 and 2020. 

He has supported public education by serving on various boards and committees including the TREA Foundation Board, the Texas Association of School Administrators, and the Advisory Board for WGU-Texas. Morris has also served as a clinical teaching supervisor for WGU. Morris has presented instructional visioning workshops for school districts and recently coauthored, Win Time: Fearlessly Transforming your School.


Getting Back to Work

In March, the LSG initiative, like many other aspects of life, paused many activities. With the advent of the new school year and the lessons learned over the past seven months about how to operate safely in the midst of COVID-19, LSG activities are slowly resuming. Recently, there have been workshops in Sweetwater, Fort Worth, and Livingston, among others. Here is our current plan for resuming other LSG activities:

September: Resume regularly scheduled meetings with coaches/potential coaches

October: Resume LSG newsletter

November: Resume mindset training and mindset practices for potential coaches

December: Resume Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes (EISO) training

January: Resume co-facilitating opportunities for potential coaches


Upcoming Workshops and Coaches Training

Did you know that all of the upcoming LSG Workshops (for governance teams) and training sessions (for coaches and coaches-to-be) are listed on the LSG web page of the TEA website? TEA schedules the training sessions, and coaches schedule the governance-team workshops. Click the link below to see the upcoming dates and places for workshops and training. 

All LSG workshops and training must follow both state and local guidelines for congregating safely during COVID-19.


LSG Web Page


This Month's Frequently Asked Question

I am interested in getting involved in LSG. Is there any guidance explaining the current process to become an LSG coach?

Yes, there is a document on the TEA website that describes the process for becoming an LSG coach. This guidance—Becoming a Lone Star Governance Coach—not only presents the steps to becoming a coach, but also provides links to many helpful resources.


See more frequently asked questions—recently updated—at the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions


Coming in November

Join us for the next episode of This Month in Lone Star Governance in which we'll discuss restarting the LSG Leaderboard and planning for the growth of LSG in 2021.


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