Lone Star Governance Newsletter: February 2020

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February 2020

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This Month in Lone Star Governance

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Welcome to This Month in Lone Star Governance. These emails highlight current events in the LSG initiative, answer frequently asked questions, and celebrate LSG successes from around the state. If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in an edition of This Month in Lone Star Governance, please let us know by emailing lsg@tea.texas.gov.

If you missed a previous issue of This Month in Lone Star Governance, you can get it on the TEA website here.

News and Notes: Updated Administrative Rules

At its January meeting, the State Board of Education approved amendments to the administrative rule that governs school board trustee training.

The rule is expected to be effective in late March, with an implementation date of May 1, 2020.

Here are the major changes:

  • The formatting of the language was changed to make it much easier to follow and communicate the expectations for each requirement. 
  • Beginning on May 1, 2020, the Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes (EISO) Workshop, required by SB 1566, can no longer be delivered online. Authorized providers can deliver this training via live streaming, as long as there is an opportunity to interact with the provider. 
  • The content of the EISO workshop has been updated to include new legislative requirements. 
  • The EISO training may count as team building training as long as all the conditions of both the EISO training and team building training are met. 

A preview copy of the new rule as adopted is available here.

News and Notes: Updated Training Materials

To coincide with the State Board of Education's amending its rule, we have updated all of the EISO training materials to align with the new requirements. Authorized providers will get access to the new materials upon completion of the authorized provider update training.

Authorized providers should use the new materials to provide workshops once they complete the update training. Beginning on May 1, the old training materials will no longer meet the requirements in rule. The new materials include tools and templates that meet the requirements outlined in school board training and board goal setting outlined in HB 3.

The updated LSG Participant Manual is available here.

The updated tools and templates are available here.

Upcoming Workshops and Coaches Training

Did you know that all of the upcoming LSG Workshops (for governance teams) and training sessions (for coaches and coaches-to-be) are listed on the LSG web page of the TEA website? TEA schedules the training sessions, and coaches schedule the governance-team workshops. The list of trainings and workshops has been updated to provide current authorized providers and coaches an opportunity to update their status as a coach or provider.

Click the link below to see the upcoming dates and places for workshops and training. 


LSG Web Page


February Celebrations

The 2020 schedule of coach training kicked off on Monday, February 10. As a result of that training, and the subsequent, required exam, Lone Star Governance welcomed eight new authorized providers and potential coaches into its ranks.

Coming Soon: New LSG Flyer

LSG staff and TEA's Communications division have been hard at work developing a new flyer promoting the advantages of the philosophy and practices of the Lone Star Governance initiative. This flyer will be available for all coaches to use as they advocate for LSG.

Look for more information in the coming weeks.

This Month's Frequently Asked Question

Does the SBOE's recent adoption of amendments to the board training rule mean that current authorized providers and LSG coaches must retake the EISO training?

Yes, all current authorized providers and coaches need to attend a training update prior to May 1, 2020, to maintain their status as a provider or coach and be able to deliver the EISO workshop to school boards. However, current authorized providers and coaches may complete the training via webinar if they choose. Following the training, all participants must score an 80 or above on the final exam. The exam is administered at the conclusion of the training, and results are emailed to the participants upon completion.

A list of all currently scheduled training is available on the LSG web page.


Learn more at http://tea.texas.gov/lsg


See more frequently asked questions at the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions


Coming in March

Join us for the next episode of This Month in Lone Star Governance in which we'll discuss how we're tracking the progress of the Lone Star Governance initiative. 

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