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September 2016

TSDS PEIMS Stage 2 Rolling Out Fall 2016-2017

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The final phase of the TSDS PEIMS rollout has begun. 

Last year, over 600 local education agencies (LEAspublic school districts and charter schools) began using TSDS PEIMS as their system of record, while the rest of Texas's more than 1,200 LEAs remained on the legacy PEIMS EDIT+ system.

What Is Stage 2?

Starting with the 2016-2017 Fall Collection, the remaining 600-plus LEAs will begin using TSDS PEIMS, as this new system takes on responsibility for the entire state.  EDIT+ will remain active for users needing to access data for prior years and for the Person Enrollment Tracking system, but it will not accept submissions for 2016-2017 or beyond. Once the data currently in EDIT+ expires, the old system will be retired.

For New TSDS PEIMS Users

LEAs who are new to TSDS PEIMS should make sure their staff have TEAL security accounts so they can access the system. They should also contact their Education Service Center (ESC) or certified TSDS training vendor to ensure their staff are fully trained on the system. In addition, they should contact their student information, HR, and finance system vendors to ensure those vendors are compliant with the Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) for TSDS PEIMS.

TSDS PEIMS offers a new, intuitive interface, a shared framework with studentGPS® and the Early Childhood Data System (ECDS), and newly automated functions.  Thanks to feedback from Stage 1 users, TEA is working on a range of enhancements to continue to make PEIMS more efficient, intuitive, and responsive to user needs.

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Prep for HB4 Changes to ECDS

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TEA is updating the Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) to comply with Texas House Bill 4, passed in June of 2015. The changes cover:

  • Participation in the High Quality Pre-K Program
  • Mandatory data submission from all public pre-Ks
  • New assessment data for pre-Ks
  • Shared demographic data from PEIMS Summer Submission 
  • A single due date for all collections (next due date: Aug 17 2017)

TEA will release the ECDS updates in early 2017, and will provide ESCs and certified vendors with training on the changes. LEAs should contact their ESC or certified vendor for training opportunities.

>> Click here to read more about changes to ECDS

Unique ID Facelift

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The TSDS Unique ID vendor has updated the look of their identity management application to make it clearer and more usable, including a more compact and complete data display on the main person record page and new historical data.

TEA has provided training to existing certified UID Champions, and the new UID certification course this September will include the updated material as well. LEAs should contact their ESC or certified vendor for training opportunities.

Note that Unique ID's core functionality has not changedonly the layout.

>> Click here to read more about Unique ID

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