Spring 2019-TCEQ Industrial and Hazardous Waste Quarterly Highlights

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I&HW Pre-Application Meeting

Want Easier Permitting? Quicker Application Turnaround Time?

Then attend a pre-application meeting.  Here’s how you prepare:

The best, easiest and quickest permitting outcomes start with an effective pre-application meeting! Schedule yours today. Not sure who your IHW Project Manager is?  Call 512-239-2335 or email IHWFixItApp@tceq.texas.gov

RACER/Closure and Post-Closure Cost Estimates (TG-10)

Remedial Action Cost Engineering and Requirements (RACER) is currently not available for sale to commercial entities. In lieu of the current RACER software (Version 11.5), applicants may use their existing RACER software, adjusting for costs and provide documentation justifying the cost adjustments.

  • When submitting cost estimates include the following:
    • Third-party bids; or
    • Estimates with supporting cost data; or
    • RACER print outs with cost adjustments; and
    • Applicant’s certification reflecting the cost changes
  • RACER may be available in the near future. For more information contact the publisher for updated information.

Please use Closure and Post-Closure Cost Estimates (TG-10) for guidance.

Rule Projects

Coal Stack With Coal Combustion Rule (CCR) Abbreviation

Coal Combustion Residual Rule (CCR)

The proposed CCR rule (rule project number 2017-037-352-WS) is currently being revised. For additional information and updates follow the TCEQ rule website.

RCRA Rule Packages 1 & 2

RCRA rulemaking has been separated into two rule making packages. The tables below summarize the planned changes under each package.

RCRA Rule Package 1 is currently scheduled to include the following:

Rule Title Rule Description

30 TAC Chapter

Anticipated Proposal Date
Vacatur of the Comparable Fuels Rule and the Gasification Rule Vacate exclusions associated with comparable fuels 335 November 2019
Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities Codified list of CCR co-disposed wastes

exempt from hazardous waste regulations

(Please note this is not rule project number 2017-037-352-WS, as seen above)
335.1 November 2019
Imports & Exports of Hazardous Waste Revisions to federal rules regarding the international import and export of hazardous wastes 335 November 2019
Confidentiality Determinations for Hazardous Waste Export and Import Documents Applies a determination that documents related to import/export cannot be claimed as confidential business information 335 November 2019
Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System User Fee; Final Rule Fees associated with the e-manifest system 335 November 2019
Safe Management of Recalled Airbags Exemption to aid in the proper disposal of defective airbags 335 November 2019
Updates, revisions and corrections
  • 335.1(140) outdated CFR references
  • 335.590(24)(A)(ii) composite liner clarification
  • 305.44 does not include LLC
  • 305.50 clarification
  • 305.64 typo
  • 305.69 reference to absent CFR appendix, and a typo
  • 305.149 references a statute that has been removed
305 & 335 November 2019

RCRA Rule Package 2 is currently scheduled to include the following:

Rule Title Rule Description 30 TAC Chapter Anticipated Proposal Date
Revisions to the Definition of Solid Waste, Response to Vacatur of Certain Provisions of the Definition of Solid Waste Rule Revised definition of solid waste 335 Summer 2020
Hazardous Waste Generator Rule Improvements Codification and restructuring of generator rules 335 Summer 2020
Fee increase and set maximums – generator and waste management fee Fee increase to maximums and language to set rate yearly – 335.323, 335.325 335 Summer 2020


The TCEQ will offer to have a stakeholder group for RCRA Rule Project 2. It will start in late spring or early summer. Please check Advisory and Stakeholder Groups and Committees webpage or future I&HW Quarterly Highlights for updates.

General Reminders

Permit Renewal Application Call-In Notice

  • I&HW will mail Permit Renewal Application Call-In notice letters 18 months prior to permit expiration date.
  • Letter includes renewal application deadline; information on I&HW tools to help applicants; application instructions; and notice of required pre-application meeting scheduled no later than 1 year before the permit expiration date.

Correspondence Cover Sheet (TCEQ-20714)

  • Complete and submit a Correspondence Cover Sheet (TCEQ-20714) with all Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permit Application and Report Submittals. Download a copy of Correspondence Cover Sheet (TCEQ-20714) from the I&HW Forms and Guidance webpage under Permit Applications.


2019 Environmental Trade Fair and Conference (ETFC)

The annual ETFC hosted by the TCEQ is May 14-15, 2019. Registration opened November 7, 2018. Register now for savings! More information can be found at the ETFC webpage.