State Parks Getaways – September 2021

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Spend the Sunset of Summer Lakeside

Lake Corpus Christi at sunset

As the sun slowly sets on summer, soak up the last of its rays at a lakeside park. Spend the day swimming, grilling, fishing – free in state parks, paddling, or just dangling your toes in the cool water and relaxing. Many of your parks have lake access, including these:

Lake Tawakoni – E of DFW

Lake Somerville – W of Houston

Lake Corpus Christi – NW of Corpus Christi

Fairfield Lake – E of Waco

Lake Arrowhead – S of Wichita Falls

Once you find a park that appeals to you, pick a day to visit and make a reservation. Get outside and enjoy our last bit of summer, before it slips away.

Outdoor Chef: Dutch Oven Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits in a Dutch oven, video link

Ranger John is back with a video on how to make yummy biscuits and gravy in a Dutch oven. This recipe has only 3 ingredients, so it's a good way to learn Dutch oven cooking. Ranger John also shows us how to start charcoal without using chemicals, tools for cooking, what to do if you forget something and other outdoor-cooking tips.

On your next park visit, try making biscuits and gravy in a Dutch oven. Then burn off those delicious calories with a hike or bike ride. See you out there!

Learn to Camp With Texas Outdoor Family

Texas Outdoor Family instructors by tent, video link

Would you like to try camping, but don't know where to start? Texas Outdoor Family is here to help with camping workshops

These ranger-led adventures will teach you how to build a campfire, pitch a tent and cook outdoors. We provide all the gear, you bring bed linens and food. 

Happy child paddling

Once camp is set up, there are activities like kayaking, biking and fishing. Watch this short video to learn more. 

Workshops always fill up fast, but a few more will be added for this fall. If you can't get into the one you want, the spring workshops will be posted in mid-January 2022. 

Restoring Sheldon Lake’s Prairie Legacy

Sheldon Lake prairie with flowers, wetlands

Near Houston, Sheldon Lake was once part of a coastal prairie. When it was turned into farmland, its native flowers and abundant wildlife disappeared.

When we acquired the land, we used fire and other methods to restore its original landscape. To see it now, watch the video Sheldon Lake Environmental Learning Center

Bird at Sheldon Lake, video link

Volunteers played a huge part in this conservation success story. There are many fulfilling, impactful volunteer opportunities with your state parks. Consider joining us!

Read about the important work done by  volunteers, and more on how the prairie was restored, in the magazine story Repairing Sheldon's Prairie.

License plate with tent benefits state parks, link

Make Your Autumn Color Reservations Early

Red oak leaves and acorns

Mother Nature typically kicks off her fall colors show in mid-to-late October. Check out the Fall Color Wanderlist in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine for an idea of what to expect. If you want to visit a park during fall foliage season, plan ahead. You can reserve day passes up to 30 days in advance. Mark your calendar to make your reservations early and avoid disappointment later!

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