Fish Texas – November 2020

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The Trout Are Coming! The Trout Are Coming!

hand holding trout, video link

This year has pressed the pause button on some activities, but it won't stop trout stocking! You'll find rainbow trout in Neighborhood Fishin' ponds and more than 100 community lakes beginning in late November. Look over the stocking schedule for specific dates and a location near you.

Rainbow trout are not hard to catch, so they're a good way to introduce children to the fun of fishing. Watch our short video, Tips for Catching Rainbow Trout, for 6 can't-miss pointers from our biologist Evan Cartabiano. These trout are meant to be eaten, so check out Trout Fishing Basics for how to prepare your catch for the trip home. 

Wherever you fish, wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet away from others, use hand sanitizer frequently, and if you don't feel well – stay home. You'll find more information in our press release, Texas Winter Tradition Returns

Need a Hot Spot for Cold Weather?

Kayak fisherman holding big bass

Whether you want to head east or west this season, you'll find plenty of hot spots to fish in chilly weather. Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine staff have put together a list of their favorites, including: 

See the entire list of hot spots in the story, The Direction of Fall Fishing. If you want to stay close to home, use the "Where to Fish" tool in the freshwater fishing section of the Outdoor Annual app to search waterbodies within 5 to 50 miles of your location. We'll see you out there!

Try Making Fish Ceviche

pouring lemon juice over fish to make ceviche, video link

You may have had it in a restaurant, but have you ever made ceviche? It's easy – instead of cooking the fish, you marinate it. It can be made with any firm, white fish like redfish, tilapia, red snapper or black drum. Pro chef Jeff Martinez shows us how to make a delicious version in the video, Red Snapper Ceviche. Try it! 

Stalking Monster Reds Along the Coast

man holding redfish as child looks on

Redfish, or red drum, is a delicious fish found in the Gulf. The bull redfish run occurs in the fall, when large adult redfish move to the beaches, especially in stormy weather. You should have success during a run by fishing from piers and in the surf. 

Redfish are also found in seagrass flats. If you fish from your boat, lift your motor before entering the flats – it's illegal to create propeller scars in seagrass. Try carrying a kayak on your boat and paddling in. You'll find more about kayak fishing in the video, Scouting for Redfish.

We've been focused on conserving and managing redfish for many years, and today you can find them in any Texas bay. Sign up for the weekly Gulf Coast Region fishing reports to know where they're biting. For tips on redfish hangouts, read our magazine story, Bronze Beauty

Game Warden Field Notes

Game Warden Field Notes

Flounder Regulation Changes

Woman angler holds flounder

Flounder size regulations have changed this year; the minimum is now 15".

Regulations also change temporarily in November and December when the fish move to the Gulf for spawning:

Nov. 1-30: daily bag limit is 2, and they may be taken ONLY by pole-and-line. Gigging is prohibited.

Dec. 1-14: daily bag limit is 2, and they may be taken by any legal means, including gigging.

Possession limit = the daily bag limit. Check the Outdoor Annual for all current flounder regulations.  

Turn Your Pond Into a Fishing Haven

man fishing stands by pond

If you’ve thought about turning your lake or pond into a fishing spot, fall is a good time to start the project, and we've got resources to help you. 

We can’t stock your water with fish, but the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine article, On Golden Pond, has tips on how to do it yourself. It explains how to match your pond with fish species, ways to keep the fish population at healthy levels, aquatic plant control, and how to spot factors that might hurt fishing quality.

We’ve got a full list of resources about construction and management, including how-to videos and how to contact your Texas AgriLife Extension county agent for advice. Take advantage of the cool weather and get started today!

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