State Parks Getaways – September 2019

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Slide on into Monahans Sandhills

Girls sliding down a dune at Monahans, video link

Sand dunes up to 70 feet tall are the heart of Monahans Sandhills, and people of all ages enjoy surfing the dunes on "sandboards," which you can rent at the park. Read more about riding the dunes in the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine story, Sand Surfer.

The beauty of shifting white sand against a blue sky makes this park a magnet for photographers and painters. The stark landscape also attracts a surprising variety of wildlife, including roadrunners and other birds, and you'll frequently see animal tracks in the sand. 

Monahans is located in West Texas, about an hour outside of Midland. If you want to reserve a campsite, they're available with water, electricity and a shade shelter. This fall, pay Monahans a visit and experience what it's like to play in 3,840 acres of sand dunes.

Fall Means It's Campfire Time!

couple on beach with campfire

Campfires make an evening spent outdoors extra special. If you're new to building fires, watch our short video Campfire Tips. You can build campfires in most parks, but there are fire rules you should read first. A poorly attended campfire can start a wildfire, so look over Smokey the Bear's safety tips. Only you can prevent wildfires!

The Soothing Sound of Falling Water

Gorman Falls with video link

Waterfalls are hypnotic, whether they have a pitter-patter rhythm or a surging roar. Enjoy unique waterfalls at any of these 3 parks:

Gorman Falls is a 65-foot shimmering spectacle at Colorado Bend. The park also has numerous spring-fed pools and caves. 

The Pedernales River cascades over limestone steps to create Pedernales Falls. The rock pools and hills here create iconic Hill Country vistas.

Both these parks fill up quickly, so get a day pass or make camping reservations before you visit.

Madrid Falls video link

At Big Bend Ranch you'll find both 100-foot Madrid Falls, the tallest public waterfall in Texas, and the 80-foot-high Mexicano Falls.

You can hike to multiple overlooks for grand views of either falls. It's rugged and wild here, so you may need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access some trailheads. Discover more about magnificent Madrid Falls in the magazine story, Secret Waterfall.

Waterfalls create fragile habitats, and swimming may be prohibited. Preserve all these areas by respecting their rules. Read more about waterfalls in our blog post Texas Waterfalls.

BisonFest 9/28, link to tickets

BisonFest funds go to support the State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons.

RAWA for Our Wild Things 

Aplomado falcon

For many, the appeal of parks is their natural state, giving us the opportunity to coexist with wildlife in wild places. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is a bipartisan bill that will, if passed, give Texas more than $50 million a year for conservation of at-risk wildlife species. 

a pair of swift foxes

RAWA would be the best thing to happen to wildlife conservation in a generation. But the bill may not pass unless people who care, people like you, #SpeakUp for wildlife and take action. Contact your U.S. Representatives to let them know you expect their support of RAWA. 

6 Sites Transferred to Historical Commission

On September 1, historic sites previously managed by us were transferred to the Texas Historical Commission. The 6 sites are Port Isabel Lighthouse, San Jacinto Monument and Battleground, Lipantitlán, Washington-on-the-Brazos and Barrington Farm, Kreische Brewery and Monument Hill, and Fanthorp Inn. 

“TPWD is proud to have been the caretakers of these historic sites for many decades, and we will continue to care for the hundreds of historic buildings, archeological sites, and other cultural resources that exist within state parks and natural areas across Texas,” said Carter Smith, Executive Director of TPWD. 

License plate benefiting state parks link

Did You Know:

Beautiful Mustang Island has reopened for overnight camping! Make your reservations online today.