State Parks Getaways – Spring 2019

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State Parks Getaways

Camp More, Worry Less

couple camping on beach with a campfire, video

Spring is one of the best times to camp and relax. There are wildflowers, cool breezes, birds, butterflies – all those things that make the outdoors inviting. 

To give you more control over your camping experience, you can now reserve a specific campsite. This allows you to get close to the amenities that are most important to you. And if you enjoy camping in a group, you can now reserve all your campsites together. Check out this magazine story for tips on choosing a campsite and to see 25 of our favorites. We've also got pro tips on what to bring on a camping trip.

Check individual parks to see what's available before making your reservation. You can reserve up to 5 months in advance, so book your campsite now for summer and discover the joy of sleeping under those big and bright Texas stars. 

Enjoy a New Experience at Unique Sea Rim

floating campsite, video

Located on the coast, Sea Rim is a haven for wildlife and people that want to escape the city. Try beachcombing or fishing, then camp on the beach, stay in a cabin, or reserve the unique floating campsite!  

wildlife viewing platform above the marsh, video

Sea Rim's boardwalk makes it easy to explore wetlands wildlife, and its viewing platforms help get you close to the birds. Paddling gets you even closer. Try crabbing – all you need are chicken necks, string, a net and a smile. 

new Under the Texas Sky podcast, link

2 Ways to Spend More Time in Your Parks

Female volunteer selfie in front of mountains

Volunteering at your state parks doesn't just get you outside, it's fun! Volunteer opportunities are vast and varied, so you can apply skills you have or learn new ones. Read more in this article on the impact made by volunteers and the support group at McKinney Falls. 

State Parks Pass held by woman

The best motivator for visiting parks is a parks pass – when you've got one you'll want to use it. You can now buy a pass online or at any park. And since a pass admits you and everyone that's in the car, it's sure to make you even more popular with your friends. 

One-of-a-Kind Signs

bison scratching itself on sign reading "Texas State Bison Herd Official Scratching Post," video

Meet Willie Steinhauser, your state park sign maker. He's the one-man show behind those iconic brown and gold signs that state everything from "Canoe Rentals" to "Texas State Bison Herd Official Scratching Post." Next time you're at a park be sure to scope out the signs!

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