Fish Texas – November 2018

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Fall Flounder Fishing

happy woman holding up large flounder, video link

Flounder is a delicacy enjoyed by seafood lovers the world over. And you can catch this delicious fish without having to venture very far into the Gulf.

After the first cold front, flounder move from bays to the Gulf for spawning. To protect them during this time, catch regulations change from Nov. 1 to Dec. 14:

  • In Nov. you may ONLY use a rod and reel to catch flounder
  • From Nov. 1 to Dec. 14 the bag AND possession limit is 2 fish per person per day
  • From Dec. 1 to Dec. 14 you can use any legal device, including a gig

Daily bag and possession limit is 5 during the rest of the year.

Catch them by gigging or with a rod and reel. If you enjoy night fishing, read about flounder fishing after dark in the magazine article, Gig 'Em. Then check out our tips on where to find flounder.

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RAWA Can Bring a Boost to Texas Fishing

happy boy holding up Guadalupe bass, video link

The official Texas state fish, Guadalupe bass, was newly restored to the South Llano River just last year, the culmination of 10 years of work. This native fish is among more than 1,300 species in Texas that will get help if the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) passes.

RAWA is a bipartisan bill that, if passed, will give Texas more than $63 million each year for conservation of at-risk wildlife species. Funding will come from existing monies received from energy and mineral production. Visit Texas Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife to find out more.

If RAWA passes, successful models like the restoration of Guadalupe Bass (video) will spread to many other Texas rivers. But it may not pass unless people who care, people like you, take action. Contact your U.S. Representatives to let them know you expect their support of RAWA. #SpeakOut4Wildlife

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Time to Give Thanks for Trout

man holding trout with fishing rod in his mouth

One good thing about cold weather... okay, make that the BEST thing about cold weather, is that rainbow trout love it. And we love fishing for rainbow trout! So around Thanksgiving each year we begin trout stocking all over Texas.

Fishing makes for a fun family experience, so take grandma and the kids to a Neighborhood Fishin' location to reel in some rainbows – it's the perfect way to get kids started fishing.

This season's stocking schedule is now up for all 170 locations, so check it for a trout angling adventure near you. Get 'em while it's cold!

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Discover Tips, Trips & Tricks

New in 2019, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine brings you tips, trips and tricks from Texas fishing experts in every issue.

Reel Talk Coming Soon magazine link to subscribe

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It’s All About That Habitat

2 men constructing a fish attractor

Fish attractors are underwater structures that provide fish with sanctuary and food sources. We install them in reservoirs across the state, and they are excellent places to fish. 

We've created many different types of attractors to suit the fish and the situation, from aquatic planting to carefully engineered constructs. And we're always thinking of ways to make them better. 

Try angling near an attractor yourself – use our list of fish attractor locations to plan your next fishing trip.

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bass license plate link

Impact of Recent Natural Disasters on Fishing

canal with debris

The effects of recent flooding in Central Texas didn't seem to hurt fish populations, but how landowners handle debris along rivers can have an impactWe suggest you let fallen trees, branches and leaves remain in areas right next to rivers. This woody debris provides habitat for fish and will also help to stabilize river banks.

Hurricane Harvey's effects are a different story. We estimate that damages to the state’s fishing operations and fishing-related businesses exceeded $58 million. There is good news. Currently, finfish in Aransas Bay appear to have actually benefited from the storm. Read the details in Assessing the Impacts of Hurricane Harvey on the Fisheries of the Aransas Bay System.  

Take a look at how our Coastal Fisheries crew has coped with the impact of Hurricane Harvey in our video, Hit by a Hurricane

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Upcoming Gar Regulation Changes

Changes to alligator gar regulations are currently being considered. Read over our press release for details. 

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