Hunt Texas – October 2018

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On Your Mark – Deer Season’s About to Start

white-tailed buck with link to video

Are you ready? General season for deer opens 11/3, and the forecast is good. Our white-tailed deer population exceeds 4.5 million, making it the largest in the country. We recommend you use your doe tags in highly-populated areas, like the Hill Country, home to more than 2.5 million deer.

Refer to the Outdoor Annual for deer hunting regulations including statewide bag limits and special antler restrictions. 

If you need an affordable place to hunt, purchase an Annual Public Hunting Permit for $48. It will give you access to over 1 million acres of public hunting land across the state. 

Every year hunters spend billions of dollars on deer hunting, much of it in small towns. Witness the impact it has in our new video, Goldthwaite Goldrush.

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Taking Steps to Fight CWD

As part of our chronic wasting disease (CWD) control effort, training in tissue collection for CWD testing is being offered to landowners, land managers, taxidermists and veterinarians. Two training sessions are scheduled, 10/26 and 11/17. Those of you who participated in training last year are required to attend this year’s training to receive necessary check station supplies.

Hunters who harvest white-tailed or mule deer within the Trans-Pecos, South Central and Panhandle CWD Zones are required to bring those animals to a check station within 48 hours of harvest.

The free My Texas Hunt Harvest app is a handy tool for finding CWD check stations and test results, as well as reporting your harvest. Download it today to be ready for your next hunt. 

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deer conservation license plate

Quail Boom or Bust – Forecasts by Region

pair of northern bobwhite quail in violet patch

The quail forecast is not as bright as the past few years because an early drought took its toll on nesting activity. We received rainfall later, but range conditions were still not optimal. Recent rains may improve nesting in some areas. See how quail populations are doing in your favorite location with our new, interactive regional forecast map.

You can hunt bobwhite, Gambel's and scaled quail. The bag limit is 15 per day, for all 3 species combined. Total possession limit is 45 birds. You'll need an Upland Game Bird endorsement to hunt quail, along with a hunting license

We have been working for many years to restore bobwhitesThe population of scaled quail has also been in decline. A new research project aims to study scaled quail and develop land management practices that should boost their numbers. 

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Outdoor Annual link, available as an app

When to Wear Blaze Orange

father and son wearing blaze orange while hunting

To help keep public hunting lands safe, anyone who uses them in daylight during any gun hunting season is required to wear blaze orange (hunter orange). 

This rule applies to all hunters and non-hunters, with some exceptions. Bow hunters, be aware that gun hunts might overlap archery-only hunts on public lands, so do your research before you head out.

Your blaze orange attire must include headgear and cover your chest and back. Blaze pink is NOT permitted in place of blaze orange. Even if you're hunting on private land, play it safe and wear your blaze orange gear. If you hunt with a dog, get it some blaze orange, too. 

Correct use of blaze orange is one of many skills taught in Hunter Education. All hunters born after Sept. 1, 1971 must complete the Hunter Ed course. If you misplace your certification, print a copy at no cost. Then keep that proof in your pocket while hunting. 

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Game Warden Field Notes

Game Warden smiling by a truck, link to Game Warden Field Notes

Pneumatic Guns Now Allowed for Hunting

Hunters in Texas are now allowed to use air guns and arrow guns defined as pre-charged pneumatic devices. These are guns powered by separate pressurized compressed air tanks. They are NOT traditional air rifles or pellet guns charged manually, or those charged with an attached CO2 cartridge.

Pneumatic devices used in hunting must meet standards of ballistic efficiency to ensure there is no undue risk of wounding wildlife. You'll find minimum ballistic specs and more information about pneumatic gun regulations in the Outdoor Annual. 

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A hunter's best friend, with a link to Toyota Tundra

Live the Wild Life with Jordan Shipley

We Will Not Be Tamed with photo of bow hunter

Jordan Shipley’s career has taken him from the Friday night lights to the pre-dawn light of a South Texas deer blind. A high school and college football star, Jordan’s NFL career was cut short due to injury.

Now he’s joining in Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation’s (TPWF) We Will Not Be Tamed campaign to celebrate the remarkable work of conserving the wild things and wild places of Texas.

Trailblazing Texas companies like Toyota, YETI, Howler Brothers, Chama Chairs and more are all part of a one-of-a-kind sweepstakes from TPWF to give away all the gear you need to Live the Wild Life! And the grand prize winner will drive home in a new Toyota Tundra!

The Oct. 30 deadline is just a few days away, so enter now.

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