Fish Texas – September 2018

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Fish Texas

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Fish the Texas Paddling Trails

man holding stringer of flounder, redfish, etc. by kayak on coastal paddling trail

Ready to sneak up on some big fish? Try kayak fishing on one of the Texas Paddling Trails. You'll have access to more than 70 bays, streams, rivers, ponds and more, with kayak/canoe rentals nearby. These well-marked trails even have signs describing what fish you can catch and suggested lures. 

If you're new to kayak fishing or need a refresher, read "Kayak Fishing Kickstart" to learn pro tips on essential gear, kayaks and safety. 

For more about the advantages of fishing from a kayak, watch the short video, "Kayaking." It's so easy, more Americans paddle than play soccer. And fishing from a kayak gives you access to more of those spots fish love. Try it! 

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NEW for 2018 - 2019

two high school boys fishing

New fishing regulations went into effect Sept. 1. They include an increase in the king mackerel bag limit from 2 to 3 per day. Recreational red snapper season in federal waters will be managed by Texas in 2019, which allows us to set the season opening date and maximize angling opportunity. 

Largemouth bass limits changed on 20 lakes, including: 12 lakes adopting statewide limits, and 2 catch-and-release lakes are now also catch-and-keep. See your Outdoor Annual for bass changes on specific lakes and all other details related to fishing regulation changes.

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Red Snapper Season Continues in State Waters


Red snapper season may be closed in federal waters, but it stays open year-round in state waters, which extend 9 nautical miles from the Texas shore. 

If you're looking for spots to fish in state waters, we've built a number of nearshore reefs, which are excellent snapper attractors. The magazine story "Analyzing Artificial Reefs" has more information. 

The bag limit for red snapper is 4 per day and length must be at least 15". More snapper regulation information can be found in your Outdoor Annual.

At 82 days, the 2018 red snapper season was the longest in federal waters since 2010, and it was due to our effective management of this popular fish. It's also the first year we managed the dates and length of the season in federal waters. 

Information we gain this year will be used to determine the 2019 snapper seasons. Help in the management of this species by logging every red snapper you keep using the free mobile app, iSnapper. Download it today so you'll be ready for that big catch tomorrow!

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"Wear your life jacket" with a picture of two guy standing up on a boat

Don't Leave Your Line Behind

tangled line with link to video

Leaving monofilament line in the environment can entangle and cause a slow death for birds, turtles and mammals. Always recycle your fishing line at a recycling bin or drop-off location.

If you see an entangled marine mammal or turtle, call 1-800-9-MAMMAL. For other entangled wildlife, contact a wildlife rehabilitator

You may be able to free a bird by first throwing a blanket or towel over the bird’s head to limit its eyesight, being careful not to entangle it in the fabric. 

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Fight Invasive Species in Our Lakes

3 pro anglers, video link

There are now 14 lakes infested with zebra mussels in Texas. Anglers, to stop the spread of invasive species like giant salvinia and zebra mussels, it's important that you never transport baitfish or water of any kind from one lake to another.

The best thing boaters can do is to ALWAYS clean, drain and dry your boat and gear after a day on the water.

Take action, don’t let these invasive species make you an unwilling accomplice. 

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Your Bass Plate Purchase = Better Fishing

Bass license plate

Thousands of anglers have purchased the largemouth bass conservation license plate, contributing more than $675,420 to better fishing in Texas. 

If you wonder where the money goes, it's put into projects at public fishing lakes across the state, including the installation of submerged greenlight units at fishing piers, native vegetation on shorelines, gravel spawning beds, paddle craft launches, and GPS-marked fish attractors.

Learn more about enhancements to fish habitats and angler access supported by bass license plate sales. Then support sustainable Texas fishing and buy yours today for $30, with $22 going directly to Texas fishing conservation programs. Thank you!

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Game Warden Field Notes

2 Game Wardens in a boat, Game Warden Field Notes link

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