Boater Advisory

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Dear Registered Boater, 

If you plan to be out on the water this Memorial Day weekend, please take these simple steps to boat safely and responsibly.

Boat Smart. Boat Safe. 

Game Warden

More than 6,000 people were cited for boating safety violations in the past year. Thank you for not being one of them.

1. Wear a life jacket
2. Avoid alcohol
3. Supervise children
4. Use the safety switch 
5. Learn how to swim

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Life Jacket Safety Video

Make sure that your child's life jacket fits by following these easy steps.

Kids under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket onboard vessels under 26 feet.


Watch the Video

Life jackets save lives

83% of drowning victims in recreational boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket.

Texas law requires a life jacket for every person on board. Don't add to the statistics.


Wear It Texas

Protect the Lakes You Love. Stop Invasive Species.

Anglers on Lake

You have an important role to play in protecting the lakes we love from invasive species. You can't always tell if a lake is infested with invasive species, and even a small piece left on your boat or gear can infest another lake.

Man cleaning boat

Invasive species like giant salvinia and zebra mussels can ruin fishing, boating and swimming for every one. What can you do to help? Always clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear before traveling from lake to lake. 


Do you store your boat on a lake? If that lake has zebra mussels, this invasive species has very likely attached itself to your boat. Before moving your boat from a lake with zebra mussels, we urge you to call our 24/7 hotline at (512) 389-4848.

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