Hunt Texas – December 2017

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Hunt Texas

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3 Tips for a Successful Walk-in Hunt

hunter with doe, video link

December is the most wonderful time of the year to hunt because so much is in season, including deer, duck, goose and quail. The Annual Public Hunting Permit ($48) gives you affordable access to all this game, and these pro tips will help your walk-in hunts succeed: 

  1. Check out the Public Hunting Map to pinpoint good locations 
  2. Scout the area early for a few preferred spots. You can start scouting at least a week before the season opens if you have your permit.
  3. Avoid crowds by planning hunts midweek or after opening week, and arrive early.

For more tips, read this magazine article. With a little advance planning, your holiday bounty awaits!

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You’ve Shot a Deer, Now What?

tagging and cleaning deer video link

The sooner you clean and cool your harvest, the better the flavor. Meat can also spoil due to heat, so tag your deer, then field dress, skin and chill it as quickly as possible.  

This video will show you how to correctly tag and field dress a deer

If you don't have access to a walk-in cooler, break the deer down by removing the 4 quarters (2 shoulders and 2 hind quarters) and the 2 backstraps. You’re legally bound to take at least that, or you can be ticketed for waste of game. Put the quarters into tall kitchen garbage bags, ice them down in coolers, and they'll be ready to go. 

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Make Venison Tamales & Jerky for the Holidays

family with platter of tamales

The best jerky is venison jerky you make yourself, right? You'll see how simple it is when you take a look at these steps for making healthy, delicious jerky. Since the flavor fades after a few months, consider sharing the goodness by giving extra jerky as a holiday gift. 

Tamales have been a festive tradition in Texas for generations and the Cortez family is sharing their hearty venison tamale recipe with us. It uses a 50-50 mix of venison and pork to make a lean, flavorful batch sure to please family and friends. 

Try including venison and other game in your meals this holiday season and have a jolly tamale Christmas!

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Waterfowlers: Help Stop the Invasion of Our Lakes

duck hunter cleaning boat

Invasive species like giant salvinia can quickly grow to cover expanses of fresh water. This not only blocks boat access for hunters, but waterfowl may no longer stop there.

If you hunt by boat you must clean, drain and dry it. Be aware that ANY gear that has been in the water – like decoys, waders and marsh sleds – can carry invasive species and must also be cleaned, drained and dried. 

Watch this short video about clean, drain and dry just for hunters. Protect the lakes you love, fight back against giant salvinia – clean, drain and dry your boat and gear each time you travel from lake to lake.

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Deer license plate

Life’s Better Hunting…with a YETI cooler!

Retriever in truck bed with YETI cooler

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF) believes that supporting our hunting heritage is part of being a Texan, and that hunting is more than just a sport – it’s a way of passing on the values of patience, perseverance and respect for nature.  

TPWF is our nonprofit funding partner, which works to help ensure there will always be wild things and wild places in Texas for future generations to enjoy. That’s why we invite you to consider joining TPWF as a member today. 

If you become a member by Dec. 31, you'll automatically be entered in a TPWF drawing to win a special edition YETI cooler!* You’ll also receive exclusive benefits like insider information, invitations to special events and other members-only perks. Help keep Texas wild, join TPWF today

*The price of membership pays for TPWF membership only and not for the chance to win a Yeti cooler. Members who join by Dec. 31 are automatically entered in the drawing.

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Operation Game Thief and Field Notes

female Game Warden with binoculars

Poachers will break ethical rules and game laws designed to protect and conserve Texas wildlife. Operation Game Thief needs your help to stop them. Report illegal hunting – call 1-800-792-GAME (4263). You can remain anonymous.

You can receive up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction for a wildlife crime. Watch this short video to learn more.

To see how far some folks will cross the law to bag a trophy deer, read this recent press release about 3 poaching cases in Grayson County. Then read about the naked hunter, numerous poachers and other non-law-abiding citizens in the most recent Game Warden Field Notes

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15 bucks for 2 subscriptions to TP&W magazine

The Luck of the Draw

BTTH duckhunts winner with retriever puppy

Congratulations to the Big Time Texas Hunts Waterfowl Adventure winner, Andrew Lille! He's shown here with the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shotgun, courtesy of Cabela's; it was included in his prize package along with 3 waterfowl hunting trips. (Cute retriever puppy not included.)

Next year, this could be you! Sign up for email or text updates on Big Time Texas Hunts, and we'll let you know as soon as entries go on sale again in May, 2018. All proceeds benefit conservation, wildlife management and public hunting. 


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Waterflowlers - wear a lifejacket.

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