State Parks Getaways – September 2017

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State Parks Getaways

Go Take a Hike – 9 Sweet Spots

Seminole Canyon's Fate Bell with hikers

Cooler breezes are beginning to blow, and that means hiking weather is here! Your state parks offer a wide variety of landscapes for all levels of hikers. Some of our favorites:


Most parks have trail maps to help you plan and stay oriented. Some even have an interactive map that allows you to take a virtual walk or look at a 360° view video.  

If you enjoy hiking in a group, your parks offer plenty of hikes and nature walks. We've also got tips for happy hiking with your family. And since high temps may come sneaking back in, take a look at these suggestions for hiking in the heat

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3 Places to Explore Prehistoric Texas

hands in dinosaur track video

When dinosaurs roamed Texas 112 million years ago, they left thousands of tracks at Dinosaur Valley. Today, look for fossilized footprints at 5 different sites. Check the park's guide for specific dino details. 

While you're here, try out the hike-and-bike trails, go camping, or swim and fish in the clear Paluxy River as it flows over the ancient trackways. 

Eisenhower State Park video

In the days of dinosaurs, a sea covered what is now Eisenhower State Park. Today you'll find a variety of fossilized marine life, including sea urchins, ammonites and shark teeth. Watch for fossil events at the park. Or rent a kayak and cruise Lake Texoma. Remember, what's found in parks stays in parks – don't pocket the past.

rock art video

The world-class rock art at Hueco Tanks was created 600 to 1400 years ago by different ancient peoples. Over 3,000 images of altars, masks, animals, dancers and more offer windows into our past. To protect this gem, access is limited and reservations are strongly recommended for activities. Visit this park and view the depth of our Texas heritage.

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Let Us Take You Camping

Texas Outdoor Family crew video

Texas Outdoor Family learn-to-camp workshops are back! If you’re new to camping, these friendly ranger-led adventures will help you build your skills. We provide all the gear and instruction, you bring bed linens and food. Watch
this short video to learn more. 

child paddling kayak

Texas Outdoor Family workshops are not only about learning to build a campfire, pitch a tent and cook outdoors. Once camp is set up, you can try activities like canoeing, biking and fishing. So check this list of upcoming workshops, get a group together, and join us!

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Harvey's Impact on Parks

The Big Tree post -Harvey video link

When hurricane Harvey swept into Texas, it damaged 14 state parks. Check the status map for updates on repairs and closures. 

If you'd like to help your parks recover from Harvey, you can volunteer to clean up (search for "Harvey") or donate online.

We invited evacuees to stay in parks for free, and over 7,700 people took us up on it. Many of them have returned home and we're happy to have been able to help.

Goose Island State Park, in Rockport, took a big hit when Harvey made landfall; it's still closed. But though younger oaks were toppled, the over-1,000-years-old Big Tree still stands #TexasStrong.

Camping license plate that benefits state parks

Insider Tip:

Spring is spectacularly beautiful in Texas. Stay ahead of the park reservation rush and book your springtime campsites and cabins now.

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